To the Editor:

This week one of the local TV morning news shows reported what was , apparently, a surprising incident affecting homes on South Roy Reynolds.

Wow! Imagine that! A mailbox was destroyed by a car, and the driver sped away without notifying the home owner, who was left to clean up the debris and bear the cost of rebuilding what once was a lovely brick column and even a side garden box holding seasonal plants that had provided color and beauty for all.

This rampant destruction has been taking place for so many years that many of the homeowners have ultimately resorted to plain, metal mailboxes atop plain, wooden posts.

The cost is minimal compared to calling a stonemason or bricklayer for the second or third time.

Although four-wheeled vehicles regularly speed away with impunity into the dark of night, in the daylight, some speeding cars take the route while students are going and coming from school.

Some speeders disdainfully cross the double, no-passing lines. One seriously injured motorcyclist who hit the mailbox well after midnight, left three large splashes of blood on the road, long after the ambulance had taken the man away and the neighbors had retreated into their houses to make coffee.

Why this stretch of road in Killeen on the west and Harker Heights on the east?

There are really two factors in play: 1. Vehicles are obeying neither the posted speed limits nor the yellow no-passing lines, even during daylight hours. 2. Some light-hearted drivers regularly use the road as a cut-through from the drinking establishments in Harker Heights, especially on paydays and long weekends. They are unfamiliar with the curves in the road and fail to accommodate to them. As the woman on the insurance ad says, “Stop the lunacy!”

Someone needs to take responsibility for this destruction. Obviously, all of the drivers will not do so, but maybe both HH and Killeen law enforcement folks need to re-establish alternating patrols of the area during times when people are going to and from workplaces and on weekends.

Also, new signs with lowered speed limits could be posted. Maybe a large sign saying that South Roy Reynolds is NOT a thoroughfare?

Deborah Seigman


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Heights Teacher

This could be rewritten with every "Roy Reynolds" replaced with a blank line. One could fill in that blank with the name of every major residential thoroughfare in Killeen/Harker Heights/Nolanville, and the statements would still be 100% true. Drivers in this area are horrible.

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