To the Editor:

A perspective on diet:

One of our best freedoms is the choice of personal diet. Often based on income, location, culture, we can choose what works for us.

Anyone who promotes a particular menu, diet, lifestyle can do that. They ought not ridicule other options and twist or omit information.

Claims that plant-based foods do not harbor problems are incorrect. There have been salad recalls. Trace amounts of aflatoxins render corn unfit for any use by man or beast.

Then there is the GMO, GE or genetically altered factor. Our government let it enter the food chain without labels. Eighty percent of processed foods here have GMO plants. Nineteen plants species have been approved for genetic modification.

Trees are being modified as well.

This industry is biotech. Companies like Monsanto now own patents to genetics in most of our commodity crops. Europe rejects those modified foods.

Suggesting that processed/manufactured food of any kind is good for you is hard to swallow. Most of the original nutrition is lost in the system, replaced by fillers, flavors, additives. This country has waistlines to prove it.

Humans are omnivores capable and designed to eat anything we get our hands on. Nothing beats a balanced plate of fresh everything.

I would suggest anyone interested in facts about our food, farm, agriculture business visit They present reports and articles, and monitor the chemical industry, the government regulations and eco agriculture. Or take the magazine. Educate thyself.

Wayne Duncan


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