To the Editor:

Once again the Killeen City Council will be making a decision on how your personal money will be spent, when they decide to officially make the sewer line under the street in front of your home your financial responsibility.

Currently, there is no city ordinance that directs responsibility to the homeowner. It is guided by a Texas law that places responsibility for maintenance and repair of the road surface to the city, and what’s buried underneath to the homeowner. This is the current city policy. There is an option for the city to either accept the Texas law or make its own ruling and take full responsibility for the sewer line.

Within the next several weeks, the City Council will vote on a city ordinance to either take responsibility for the sewer line or keep the current policy and let the homeowner struggle with this burden.

Every household and business with a sewer line in Killeen should take extreme interest in this vote because it may end up costing them $1,000 a foot to dig from their sidewalk to the city main sewer in the center of the street and the cost can be between $5,000 and $20,000, depending on where the break occurs.

Contact your City Council representative or at-large representative and give them your input on this decision. We pay taxes and utility bills; the citizens of Killeen need a break.

Council member phone numbers and district boundaries can be found on the official city of Killeen website (

Tony Stepan


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