To The Editor:

I love the state of Texas with its variety of animals, plants, and geography. I love most of the people I have met here, too. They have been kinder, more generous, and more tolerant than they are often portrayed in the media and on the Internet. It is Texas politics and some of its politicians that make me crazy.

Too many of the (mostly) powerful men here seem so disconnected from the people I have met. I wonder: how did they get elected? Then I remember that Texas is dead last in voter registration and voter turnout. Only a minority vote, and most of that minority are the powerful and well-off who are voting for their interests and the interests of their friends.

So there is a correction Texans can make. We can vote for those who are kind, tolerant, and generous no matter what approach they possess.

The key word is VOTE. Vote for the Texas you want and for the people you are.

Glenda Turck


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Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

"We can vote for those who are kind, tolerant, and generous no matter what approach they possess."

Be careful about voting for those that APPEAR to be kind, tolerant, and generous NO matter what approach they possess."

There are many wolves in sheep's clothing.


liberals have been the source of most of America's problems for the last 100 years. Here they are in this column, in full throat.

Arrogant, intolerant, abusive, and intellectually challenged. See how seriously they take themselves? From where does this arrogance flow? Their mishandling of every important policy issue for the last century? Their bankrupting the country? Their hatred for their political opposites and the Constitution?

If it weren't such a tragedy, it would be funny.


This is America, everyone has the right to remember and worship the ones they want to. If it is Martin King, rebels in the south or whatever. You can't dictate who you want honored. We may not believe what happened was right but everyone has the right. If you take away our rights, you take away what is America. I don't believe what the Ku Klux Klan did but there are some things the black panthers have done I don't agree with. If you are an honest, loving, caring person and believe in equality that is what should count. If you can work, get out and get a job, I don't care what it is, even if its digging ditches. Do what you can do to make a better life for yourself and quit living off the government. They pay for babysitting, gas food, healthcare, education. Get off your duff and get a job instead of partying all the time.


Is the below the public advert that was posted in KDH, you were talking of Bubba ?
There are many of these adverts to choose from, most with the same information, However,
I see the one below had a special interest, of teaching persons to write 'Letters to the Editor'.
Why would you have to teach someone to write what 'they' want to say?
You would just put down on paper what your own thoughts are concerning a subject and sign your name to it.
Why would anyone have to ask someone else to tell me how to do that ?

Letters to the editor usually aren't going to end up in the Smithsonian Institute.

Bell County Dems meeting this week
Posted: Monday, September 17, 2012 4:30 am

The Bell County Democratic Party Committee of Correspondence meets at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Barnes & Noble Coffee Cafe, Market Heights. Committee members debate current issues and help individuals develop letters to the editor. For more information, call Glenda Turck at (254) 628-7919.



Just so that everyone knows that this person is a democrat party operative, with an agenda, who apparently also has a special access to the editors of this paper, as her drivel is printed often.


It's the squeaky wheel that gets oiled! Could be that the right has become too complacent and the left is taking advantage of the silence.


No. The appearance is that this person has received special consideration to have her views printed because of her affiliation with a political entity, to the detriment of all citizens not receiving this apparent special treatment.


I do not mind giving to those in need, those who have fallen on hard times and to support the local community.
I do not support Illegal Immigration, Government Assistance to those who can work but refuse to do so .........
Kind is good - but it has to be placed in the right contents.
People in general here are kind, tolerant and generous but not for free loaders
and criminals


Bubba, Thanks for confirming my suspicions! I hate to just take things for granted but after reading her letter was I going to go out on a limb and "assume" she was a Democrat and when she said "kind, tolerant and generous" she really meant "Liberal ideology, Lunacy and Entitlement!"


just enter the name in the search engine of this site.

Comment deleted.
Mamma Griz

Bubba, did you get Glenda's permission to give her phone number? If not, you pulled a booboo. I'm sure she gave her permission for her phone number to be in that article that you quote-- but she didn't give it to you. Where I work, I am not allowed to give out anyone's personal phone number or personal email address unless I have their permission.

Had one woman that couldn't get in touch with a certain person by phone. I had her write down her email address and I emailed the woman she wanted to get in touch with. But I didn't have permission to give out any email address.


Do not again attempt to correct me in any way.

I posted her own column from this paper. She give out her number in the paper Try actually reading what is written, and then try, real hard, to think things through before making a fool out of yourself. Had you done so, you would already know what I just wrote, and would not have to educate you for a second time.

Just keep your arrogant and uninformed views to yourself.


glenda turck is an operative for the Bell County democratic party. That is how she gets so much press time in this paper.

She represents a party with a long record of arrogance, intolerance, and vitriol towards their political opposites, and with being out of step with the voice of Texans.

Most recently, with the abortion vote here in the Republic. So, if you want to keep the rules for abortion where they are, if you think you should have to show an ID to vote, or believe that illegal aliens should be rounded up and sent back to their county of origin, then please register to vote and vote republican.

Mamma Griz

Bubba:: You said "she gave out her number in the paper". That does NOT mean that she gave YOU her permission to give out her number..

Naturally you are a republican't. I happen to be able to think for myself. I don't need any party operative to tell me how to vote and who to vote for. I probably have been thinking for myself longer than you have-- and comprehending what I read longer than you have.

So little boy, you can keep YOUR arrogant and uninformed views to yourself.


Your abusive posting has been reported.

You are a typical liberal-incapable of doing as you are told, incapable of receiving instruction, and incapable of civil behavior.

I haven't been a little boy in a long time, and your name-calling only proves your liberal set of core values and lack of intellect. Not to mention your overblown opinion of yourself. It's laughable, actually.

Now, do as you're told and stop responding to my posts. Read more, talk and post less...and your life will improve exponentially from my tutelage.

Dr Strangelove

Mamma Griz you have to be kidding right? She posted her number in a PUBLIC Newspaper no one needs permission from her she has already given it by putting it in a PUBLIC Newspaper any 5th grader knows this—Jeez!

Dr Strangelove

I agree how does people like Shelia Jackson Lee out of Houston keep on getting reelected she is clearly one of the dumbest people in Congress.


That's why she ,Jackson Lee ,is always backed by the MSM and those in Washington who need her vote, Ignorance is always easily led. She can't see what is right or wrong, only what her party tells her to think.

Even those in her district who believe she is all about them and give her their vote, can't see the real truth. She is all about what keeps the democratic party strong, even if it means siding with them on the illegal issue, knowing it is going to end up costing the faithful she has, (no matter which color) in job form and extra tax money to take care of those she wants to give what will be in the end, the same citizenship as the legal citizen were born into.

Mamma Griz

How does people like Sheila Jackson Lee keep on getting reelected? Probably because she has her brains between her TWO EARS, unlike where you and Bubba have your brains.


The writer should understand---We live in Texas ,not in fairy tale land.
The state has got people coming at it from the south in the form of illegals and drug cartels wanting to take over the state, and from the northeast (Wash DC) wanting to sue the state on some trumped up charge.
The states leaders can't afford to be an easy touch if the state and its people are to survive.

I'm not worried or give a care to what the MSM thinks of the state or anyone's ideas on the internet. Its what I think of my self and the state I live in.
And as for as I'm concerned there isn't a better state in the union. Texas is a magic word through a lot of the world.

Everyone should that has the legal right ,vote, and vote in such a way, until the state has turned into the completely conservative state which is the only way it will remain strong and with it so will the people who live here.


Belton Texas is a good example of the powerful religious hypocrites - starting from the mayor, the pro-tem, the council, the city attorney and manager. They try to hide their racist mentality, but when it is your blood, one can't help it because it comes out natural. thats how Belton is currently being run - influence, money and prejudice.

Dr Strangelove

Yep I agree, just look at the statue right outside the old courthouse dedicated to Rebel Heroes!

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