To the Editor:

Not long ago, there was a story in the Herald about bobcats in an urban area locally. Instead of appreciating the rate privilege to seem them, some were concerned for their safety.

No worries.

Here are some of the other things you do not always see around here.

We have the following: Armadillos, squirrels, foxes, beavers, skunks, coyotes, bobcats, shrews, field mice and rare visits from porcupines, badgers and mountain lions.

We also have snakes —rattlers, coachwhips, garter, rat and others.

We have striped lizards, scaly tree lizards, skinks, Mediteranean geckos and anolis.

Frogs, toads and turtles do not do well in town.

Many kinds of birds live or pass through here. Owls nest in my yard. I have fed wild turkeys on my back walk.

There are lots of deer is some areas. Pigs, too. Also, stray or dumped pets of all kinds.

The newer, outer edges of town will have more wildlife. These animals did not get the memo not to live there anymore.

Your landscape will attract of repel them. Hang up a bird feeder. Give the butterflies some weeds/flowers. Ease up on the chemicals.

Their presence or absence indicates how safe the world is for us. We make that situation.

Enjoy the visitors.

Wayne Duncan


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