To the Editor:

The U.S. Capitol Police fired multiple shots into a car driven by an unarmed woman with a small child in the back seat. Congress takes time out to laud the Capitol Police while the country flounders.

What is wrong with this picture?


Why they could not stop this car without resorting to killing the unarmed mother of a small child speaks to their inefficiency.

They looked like the Keystone Cops, except the Keystone Cops were funny. Nothing funny about this.

John Sammis


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" unarmed woman..."

I didn't read about an unarmed woman getting shot. The woman I read about was armed with a 2,000-pound battering ram with a couple hundred horsepower shoving it in any direction she desired.

In many (most?) jurisdictions in the U.S., an automobile is (can be) considered a "dangerous weapon" or "deadly weapon", depending on how it's used and other circumstances.

Even in the small Oklahoma town where I worked for a tiny newspaper, we regularly had stories about vehicles being used as weapons. When used with intent, a vehicle can be the most dangerous weapon available to a civilian.


Second guessing is easy. If we found out she had killed people before she went on her rampage or the police failed to use deadly force resulting in even more deaths, folks would be asking "Why didn't they stop her sooner?"

In the news clip I saw, this woman looked more than willing to run over anyone in her way... even if they were holding guns on her and instructing her to stop.

The police did not know her intentions, whether she was armed, if the baby in the car was hers or why she was failing to heed their instructions. However, they did know she was acting irrational, using her car as a weapon and endangering people's lives. The ending was tragic.

One thing's for sure, the news coverage would have been different if she had a gun. The headlines would have been politicians on their soapboxes stammering for gun control. Everything else would have been second page.

Dr Strangelove

Roody, SPOT ON!


Thanks, Dr S... As was yours about Fort Hood/Beirut. [thumbup]


I know some will say the hot head wanting to make points with the dam GOP police had to kill the women under stress perhaps with the shut down be killed in the name of national security . But folks the Gestapo also kill a lot of folks ( millions of Jews in the name of national security ) So if we had a Democrat instead of a good ole boy GOP to represent us in District 31 . i would write to demand the police involved be shot with our a trail just as the police killed that women without a trail .
One would think of all the screwballs out side of congress the police would know how to deal with folks .


Until the investigation is made public we won't know much but, from what has been reported by the media there doesn't seem to be a valid reason for firing a single shot. I suspect the Capital Police were simply trigger happy! You would think a lame brain politician would seek a TV camera and make some stupid state like, "She could be my daughter!"

Dr Strangelove

With terrorism we have today Law Enforcement cannot take a chance. Bust through a barrier at Fort Hood and see what happens. Like I said the Police didn’t know if that car was a bomb or not—in the nation’s capital they cannot take that chance. If I was on guard duty and that happened I’d blow the driver away. Being too cautious gets people killed—remember the Marine Barracks in Beirut? That Marine General should be in jail for being too cautious those Marine guards weapons were not loaded and look what happened.


onglamb- "She could be my daughter!"

...I almost spit my drink out of my nose! [lol]

Dr Strangelove

The Police didn’t know if the car was full of explosives I support the Police on this one. Also what I’ve read the Police didn’t know about the child until after they stopped her.


While I find the shooting disturbing, the suspect rammed a security barrier, apparently several police cars, and injured an officer with her car. These are felony assaults on police and resulted in an elevated response.

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