To the Editor:

Every effort to be more compassionate, more empathetic, more humane is being eradicated by this administration and the Republicans who support it. They chose party over country ... party over people.

Compassion is not a sign of weakness, and only a dictatorship would deem it so.

The ethics of our country have been compromised by an electorate who would give up our American values for a false promise of economic gain.

As one of our Founding Fathers stated, ”Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Selfishness is not a virtue. We as a society must live and work together to function — and hate and greed do not deserve a place at the table.

Sandra Blankenship


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Dr Strangelove

How dare you talk about "Lack of compassion" when you and other Democrat Liberal Nazis support the killing of babies! You’re a hypocrite!


Strange how the complaints of the comments describe exactly what Trump and the GOP is doing. Read them and think about what is going on now as you do so. And how they spin the subject to something else to try and avoid the topic. I am floored to read a Republican say facts should be used. I would laugh if that wasnt so sad.

Dr Strangelove

Stalin reportedly called American liberals, “Useful idiots.”


"Lack of compassion" is liberal speak for we disagree with your left wing extreme socialist agenda. I have met you, you are clueless and a disaster. You are wrong on every issue. You make decisions solely on emotion and you are completely devoid of facts.You are an Obama in a skirt.


So, you get printed in the paper every time you have a thought? Are you the new Queen Bee of Bell County democrats? Unfortunately for you, the words of invective you have thrown, and the insults you have hurled here, are exactly why you lost your election and why your party was thrown from power. You're a hypocrite, waxing poetic about the founding fathers and calling for peace and understanding, right after you insult those with whom you disagree. The words you have made here are best applied to you and your party-who are now in the streets, rioting at every opportunity, tugging at the seams of our Constitution, because you lost the election. Further, your conduct and that of your party remind me greatly of the fascist movements of the last century: self-righteous, arrogant, tyrants who would use violence to stomp on their political and social opponents. I suggest you try a history lesson, and seriously reconsider the ridiculous words you have posted here, when you look at just who in this country is intolerant and violent.

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