To the Editor:

In the Friday issue of the Killeen Daily Herald there was an article about the Freedom from Religion Foundation sending a letter to the KISD board warning it about having a prayer at the KISD board meetings. This anti-Christian group wants to put a stop to all prayers by the board members.

Even though we may have issues with KISD about high taxes, wasteful spending, failing high schools and an extremely high salary for the school superintendent, we need to stand with the board against this attack from the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

We need to encourage the school members to pray and we need to pray for them, too. God is the only One who can help us and our children with the problems we have, and if we ignore Him, we won’t see very much improvement at all.

Wayne Lovett


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I agree - they have a right to pray. And they'd best be doing a lot of it if they expect KISD voters to be foolish enough to pass that proposed bond.

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