To the Editor:

Killeen is big and modern enough to have seven districts represented by seven council members elected at-large. Electing council members under the same criteria will provide a better representative government for all of us.

My family arrived in 1971 when Killeen’s population was at 30,000 to 35,000. Shopping for anything was a challenge.

We bought a house in Temple, as there wasn’t anything available in Killeen. This did not change until the first Gulf War with the departure of the troops and their families.

The economic downturn that occurred led to the infusion of out-of-town money, resulting in growth that continues today. Our population has reached 130,000-plus. The city has physically grown at least 25 percent since 1971.

We have new housing areas that do not have access to shopping, gas stations or even a convenience store.

This is a failure of the Killeen City Council not imposing common sense on developers. Our population has grown more diverse. We are a true military town without enclaves of blacks or whites. Just old- fashioned Army green.

LULAC and the NAACP are concerned; if we change our current form of government, their minority political objectives will not be met.

Demographically, Killeen is split whites 30 percent; blacks 30 percent; Hispanics 30 percent; Asians 8 percent; and others 2 percent.

LULAC’s and NAACP’s political agenda are passé.

The only agendas that should be pushed are ones that benefit all of us.

Rudeford Norman


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What exactly are their minority political objectives? Let's be real. Seven at-large members is a formula to ensure city's players get what they want as city grows to south. North Killeen already gets overlooked as it is. How much improvement has happened in terms of infrastructure and amenities for those living there? Everything is run down and falling apart but Killeen wants to gloss over that and look towards the south as the new frontier. Demographics on Rancier may be diverse in terms of color. But there's no denying that the person living there likely will not be the homeowner in a subdivision down Hwy. 195. That's where all the new amenities and growth are projected to occur & players need an at-large council with their people at the helm to make that happen.

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