To the Editor:

I recently just read an article you published about a woman who called code enforcement about her neighbor and about bees.

I just wanted to tell you about a similar situation I am having.

I live next door to an abandoned house on Poage Avenue (the house is owned by someone, though).

I have called code enforcement four times this month and left an email about the front and back grass being so high that it comes over the fence.

The problem with grass being this high is it attracts snakes, fleas and now a family of raccoons.

When I told code enforcement about the family of raccoons that are inhabiting the property, they told me it was an animal control issue.

I contacted animal control and they told me that I have to look in the yellow pages or Google pest control companies.

Animal control doesn’t trap and relocate these animals, the lady from animal control informed me.

So my question is what is animal control for?

They don’t do anything to help with the stray cat population or the dog population.

I thought animal control was supposed to take care of vicious animals, and last time I checked, raccoons were vicious.

I guess you can only call them vicious after they have attacked one of the neighborhood kids or one of the older adults who are always walking their dogs in the morning.

I think this is a travesty and that the city should look into redefining job descriptions for certain departments.

Sheila M. Goss


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Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

I use a live trap for cats too. I don't want to hurt them, but I do want the owners to pay the fine!
I live in Harker Heights and the Animal Control officer said to use one to catch the cat(s) that are spraying my patio mat. Then they will come out and take the cat in. The owners will have to pay a fine each time their cat is caught.

Some residents either don't know the city ordinance regarding domestic animals or they choose not to abide by the law, which is the case in my neighborhood. Many residents allow their cats to roam freely into everyones yard. Fine and long as it isn't in my yard. Would cat owners appreciate my dog dumping in their yard or children littering...I think not. is called respect for each other.


a rabid raccoon is very dangerous, however, this may not be the case. a live trap is the best way. camouflage it on all sides with plywood and secure so that raccoon doesn't pull it away from trap and able to stick his hand through wire. Set trap. Take a can of sardines, and push it to the back of the trap. By next morning if you don't have a raccoon trapped, you'll have a cat for animal control to come pick up. As for the raccoon, you can release him in a area by the river, out of the neighborhood or at city hall. Your last resort is a 22 cal.

Yes - animal control needs to step it up a notch, or be replaced with a person like call of the Wild Man - "Live Action!" Ahyeyeyeh....

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