To the Editor:

Reference the article “Tools of the Trade” in the June 15 edition of the Killeen Daily Herald.  

How nice that the Killeen Police Department appears to be getting all new vehicles as well as a lot of other brand- new equipment, including military-style carbines. 

The article states that this new equipment will help keep the police safe as they go about their duties. 

Who will keep the public safe from these officers? 

Officer Friendly has been replaced with Officer SWAT, who goes about breaking in doors (and windows) with “no-knock” warrants.

Time and time again as I drive through Killeen I see three, four or more cars doing a traffic stop of a single vehicle.  

Why can’t the city spend some money where it will directly benefit the citizens? 

The computers at the Killeen Library are so outdated that they can’t even read DVDs. 

These computers are used by the citizens of Killeen, often by citizens who cannot afford to buy their own computer, but need computer access in order to write resumes, apply for jobs, do school work. 

The city employees at the library do a wonderful job with what they have and provide great service to the citizens. 

The library should definitely rate an upgrade of the computers available for public use.  

R.A. Long


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I believe @Pete has hit the nail on the head.
One of the 1 % who voted.


Three observations. The first priority is improving the public computers at the city's libraries.

Second, I see the Bell County Constable Office recently got Tahoes. I believe the local law enforcement industry has a case of "keeping of with the Jones'" We know where those 75% of these new vehicles will go. To the supervisors who can take them home and shopping centers under the guise of "readiness" and response time. It is really just another fringe benefit at taxpayer expense.

Also, I'm ignorant as to what Constables do for the most part, but I witnessed Constables arresting a whole bunch of folks. Think they mostly serve (deliver) warrants, which private citizens who deliver pizza do in their gas sipping Hondas. But there again, those who are entrusted to serve taxpayers think they deserve better than what most of whom they serve have. That's government these days I guess.

Lastly, big suspects getting in and out of a vehicle? Really? Using that as a justification is laughable. Bell County Parole uses vans to transport parolees to give government free labor. In the old days, didn't law enforcement use something called "Paddy Wagons"? Seems much more cost efficient for those times when suspects are oversized.




More cops for killeen....yes. New Vehicles are an overrated buy, a good cop car can be refurbished. An old cop car with new paint,decals,and overhaul can go back on the road for two more years with a tremendous savings to tax payers. Killeen cops are good folks who have a tough job. We need more cops, not a bunch of new cars.


Well I notice a repost of the article, and picture, of officer Dinwiddie. I say again, I do not wish to see anyone killed or maimed in any way, period. That is not what I'm saying or talking about. It's the lack of 'control' being administered by the present city government, not about the life of 'ANY' patrolman/woman.
It looks like, to me anyways, that this city government, baring a few who will stand up before them, will 'GIVE' the city manager, the KPD, any and all who go before the council anything they ask for. As I've said before, 'I personally believe this council being duly elected by the citizenry of Killeen, all 1 % of them, has brought before it enough votes to get what the city manager and the KPD all that they ask for'. You remember a few years back a city council that ran ram rod over a city manager, bought him out, put a time limit on this action, had the old city manager told not to tell what was happening to him, the result of which was a recall of the remaining city council, and we've, the voting public, turned around and voted for the mayor and a councilman back into office, and we still haven't been told 'what transpired'. It cost the city of Killeen $750,000.00 for that little venture. I spoke about the council moving to get the vehicles that the KPD asked for, which was granted, then turns out the vehicles were in fact 'TOO SMALL' to fill the service of the patrolman. That was, as I remember it, only 1 or 2 years ago. Now they are again asking the city for another 1.2 million dollars to 'replace the vehicles'. When is this city government going to stand up and ask the question, 'why are you having to replace vehicles that are not at their 'end of service'? When is this city government going to ask for the resignation or replacement of the individual who was responsible for the purchase of these vehicles instead of just 'rubber stamping' the purchase of this and I don't know how many other purchases. If I recall, the KPD spokesman was quoted as saying 'The vehicles (20) 25 % of them, were to go to to the patrol fleet'. I asked the question 'What about the remaining 75 %'? No answer, as is the policy of the city government, or it seems to be.
I ask you, when is this town going to say 'enough is enough' and become a responsible government? I applaud the 2 of you who are trying to maintain some semblance of a good functioning government. I say again, when are we going to get some 'RESPONSIBLE' government?
And as to the purchase of 231 FN-15's to 'GIVE' each patrolman his 'own, personal FN-15', as I've said many times before, this is not the way, to give each patrolman his own personal weapon. This belongs in the domain of SWAT. They are the ones who have specialized training and equipment.
And I say again, you don't have to republish the article, with pictorial, to get people 'on your side', most of them will not read the article anyways.
One of the 1 % who voted.


I forgot again 'one of the 1 % who voted.


However - The above statement should make anyone think - Get Real Mister. -.
Get real or what??? That's the problem with this town, THEY DON'T FINISH A RESPONSE TO ANYTHING. You take the city manager – Please. It was a generalized statement by the city manager that ' the city employees were to be given a raise in that they had already demonstrated, thru cost saving efficiencies that they deserved a 3 % raise'. My question to the city manager is 'how did he demonstrate the efficiencies in question'? There's been no answer to this question.
In the case of the 20 new sedans, fully equipped. I seem to recall that they purchased, I think it was, 20 new vehicles, fully equipped, that when delivered they found that all of the hardware that was needed to make the officer more efficient in his duties, were too small. That was only a year or 2 ago and the KPD is requesting vehicles again. Now the vehicles, which are too small, the reason, I seem to recall was, 'the prisoners being transferred are too large'. Additionally, I seem to remember that it was said 'that 25 % of the vehicles would be going for patrol duty'. I poised the question, 'if only 25 % of the vehicles were going to the patrol fleet, what was going to be the disposition of the remaining 75 %'? That question remains un-answered.
And the SWAT vehicle, which was 'free' being from the Air Force in 1979, the question was poised that if the vehicle, being too heavy, was good enough for the number of years, that being in the neighborhood of 35 years, why was it deemed 'not sufficient'? No response has been received yet.
And to the 231 FN-15, which each and every patrolman is to be the recipient of, I say 'it is not necessary to provide each and every patrolman with his own personalized FN-15, that these should be for the personnel who comprise the SWAT. They are the first responders whose job it is to 'take the bad guys out'. I do not think that people who do not agree with the militarization of the KPD should be considered as being against the KPD or the county of Bell.


Completely agree with Mr. Long's insightful comments about the city's library computers. For a relatively small investment (compared to the cost of squad cars) so many would benefit.

City paid and elected leaders should know that many of its citizens can't afford internet service. It's expensive. This is a situation that has been allowed to continue for too long. I call for quick action by leaders to act and live up to the city's motto "A City Without Limits". Old computer place limits on its citizens.

And the poor children trying to do homework or projects that the school system require be typed or done through internet research. It's heartbreaking.


@ Who will keep the public safe from these officers? ---

I realize there are a few people who have and at this time are 'trying' to give the Police of the entire county a bad name.
However - The above statement should make anyone think - Get Real Mister. -.

The vehicles are sometimes on the road 24/7 --- This isn't the 1st Dept. that sometimes replace their dept's cars every 3 years so they will always be on the ready.

The new Swat vehicle is replacing one that was given FREE by the Air Force in 1979 to the Dept.
It didn't cost the Tax Payers 1 red cent since it had already been paid for by the Tax Payers.

I agree, The library should have computers of good quality, since they do help out some that can not afford computers or the service, but make use of them to help gain employment.

Somewhere in the city budget, there should be something that can be eked out to replace some of the computers if needed.

But, I would not want the police suffer and not have equipment that is needed to serve all the people.

Although I do think one un-needed purchase ,If they were indeed purchased .Were the Segway's from several years ago. I saw 1 in use by 1 patrolman in downtown Killeen about ten years ago. Then they disappeared.

If they were purchased by the tax payer, I would like to know ,why they aren't on the road somewhere in town.
I would rather they weren't ,since I don't think ,they look professional.(Killeen isn't some beach in Calif.)
But if money was spent, it/they should be being put to use somewhere.
Otherwise whoever had the idea to buy them, and if still with the dept. I wouldn't accept any of their ideas in the future.

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