To the Editor:

I love a parade, unless I am in it of course. That is the attitude of most of the people in the military.

The latest Trump brainstorm of having a parade on Veterans Day has some shortcomings.

The main thing is the cost, which would come out of the military budget.

When Ronald Reagan was president, you could hear firing on the various ranges just about every night. Not so now.

The fact is that our military fights like it trains. If you train hard, you fight a lot easier.

So I say no to a parade and yes to more training.

I don’t think many people in the military would disagree.

John Sammis


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While I generally agree with this, and the $ could be used to further training (just read that army BCT will now not include the throwing of a live grenade), many cities and towns have military parades/military themed parade on Vets' Day. The cost to the military is virtually nothing.

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