To the Editor:

Mr. (Colin) Kaepernick and his multimillionaire supporters might consider putting their money and efforts toward the leadership of the jurisdictions where there has been a manifestation of an injustice.

In so far as police brutality, that is a local problem. The civilians should hold the local mayor and police chief responsible at the next election or by recall.

In the case of the perception of inequality, they might address the issues that create such perceptions, not by demonstrating against our flag.

The flag is an emblem of our nation that represents all of us, to include demonstrators. The flag represents a system that has given us a Constitution that protects our citizens’ rights as well as their civil rights, the 13th Amendment, laws against discrimination in employment and housing, allows the worship of the deity of individual choice, receive a basic education, and allows for the ownership of property.

It represents the thousands of men and women who have fought and died to allow us to settle our differences in a peaceful manner, and allows each individual to rise to the heights of their  individual abilities, and not to be ruled by an individual or a select group.  

As a combat veteran who fought for your rights and opportunity to earn a standard of living that I can only dream of, you insult me by showing disrespect to our flag

So, it is not to the federal government and its emblem that you should address your issues, but rather your local government and community.        

Larry Cole


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