To the Editor:

A major attraction is coming to Central Texas soon, but you can help make it happen ahead of time.

Soon the National Mounted Warfare Museum will be built just outside the main gate of Fort Hood. This is something that has been needed in the Killeen-Fort Hood area for years.

Retired Lt. Gen. Paul Funk has taken the bull by the horns and gotten this great project on the move.

The museum will include 66,000 square feet, which will include 25,000 square feet of interactive and immersive exhibits, an orientation theater, classrooms, simulation activities, interpretive trail, a children’s playscape and unit memorials.

I make a donation every month in memory of my loving wife, Gail C. Johnson, who passed away in 2013. She was not in the Army, but she was an armor wife who kept our family going while I was overseas in Germany and Korea. She kept my uniform up to snuff for 20 years, and supported me in all undertakings during my military career.

I hope if you served at Fort Hood, you will make a donation to help build this museum, which will be the story of your military service; or, if you lost a battle buddy in the Middle East, make a donation in his or her name.

Donations can be mailed to National Mounted Warfare Museum, 207 S. Third St., Suite 100, Copperas Cove, TX 76522, or visit the website at Donations are tax deductible.

I hope to see this museum built and opened before my days end. We can make this happen ahead of time with your donations.

Let’s mount up, move out and fire a donation to the MMWF coming soon at the Army post in our area.

Thank you for your service.

Theron Johnson

retired sergeant major

Armor 1951-1970


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