To the Editor:

I have a student who attends Ellison High and a daughter in elementary school here in Killeen. I cannot express strongly enough the need for a fifth high school here in Killeen.

Our high schools are very overcrowded and expected to get even more crowded within the next few years. I was shocked to find out that KISD has not had a bond election since 2002, but has been able to spend wisely and build some new beautiful school, such as, smith middle school, Douse elementary, and Fowler elementary.

I believe the district and the board have been great stewards of the resources allotted to them.

Everyone wants better opportunities and education for their children, yet they always want someone else to foot the bill.

If we want the best for our children then we have to be willing to do our part and support the bond when put forward by the district.

Jeff Watson


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Get rid of that stadium that they want to build and I imagine this might pass. Don't need a new football stadium. Then what - another $1.2M scoreboard?


I wont pay either, I will vote no on this, btw so sad when the committee for this is using the papers opinion page to get the word out. The school Dist has wasted way to much money and No way am I paying 50 mil for the kids to play sports instead of 50 mil being used for education. If the 50 mil stadium was off the table then I might vote for that. Until our schools understand education is better then fancy schools and 50 mil dollar stadiums I will vote no !


perugipj, are you now going to pay only for the highways that you use, take only the retirement monies that you paid in, the Social Security that you paid in, use only a small part of the fire department, the police department, and all the city services that you use? How about Medicaid and Medicare, are you going to use only as much as you paid in?
Just wondering.


Sorry, not paying for other people's children anymore. We paid enough already. If parents want better schools, then let them pay the bill.

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