To the Editor:

Killeen ISD residents have a critical decision in front of them; one we cannot afford to get wrong. Our school district is one of the largest in Texas and it is growing rapidly. It has the responsibility of teaching, nurturing, growing and keeping safe our most precious resource as a community — our children, about 45,000 of them! These students come from all backgrounds and circumstance, but each of them deserves our commitment.

Voters are being asked to approve a bond to allow the district to stay ahead of growth and provide safe and excellent learning environments for our students. I hope and pray that we are still a community that values the education of our youth and will vote for both KISD proposition A and B.

The bond elements were developed by individuals representing all areas of the district who spent months studying and debating the needs. The result was the unanimous recommendation reflected in the Bond. It addresses the needs of our district; student safety, growth, and equity while being fiscally prudent.

We have one of the lowest school tax rates in the entire state and when we pass this bond will remain well below neighboring and comparable school districts. Additionally, KISD qualifies for additional state aid to pay back bonds — a rare thing for school districts of our size. KISD expects to receive 43 cents for every dollar in debt service from the state, lowering the burden on our local taxpayers. School property taxes for residents 65 and over are frozen and will not be affected by this bond.

Passing this bond issue will be the largest driver of the continued economic development and growth of the greater Killeen-Fort Hood area.

I encourage everyone to vote for this bond. The children of KISD deserve classrooms that are not overcrowded, and that provide an excellent learning environment which will allow them to achieve their highest potential.

Bill Kliewer


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