To the Editor:

Fifty years ago children attended half-day kindergarten in Texas. They were prepared for first grade by the end of the year because the parents were primarily responsible for getting them ready.

Over the years, kindergarten became full day, and half-day pre-k was introduced. The same teacher could teach both the morning and the afternoon children.

Sometime in the last 20 years, pre-k was extended to a full day. This was to make sure these children were prepared for the kindergarten curriculum, and to work on their socialization skills since, obviously, this was not happening for many of the children in the home setting.

Changing to full-day pre-k also required an all-day teacher for each classroom, creating a need to hire more teachers.

Now, Killeen ISD has decided to start an all-day, 3-year-old pre-k at the seven schools on Fort Hood.

I am assuming that this is to pre-prepare them for the preparation that happens in the 4-year-old pre-k program, which, in turn grooms them for kindergarten, which is designed to ready them for first grade?

We can only wonder.

It seems to me that this is not very cost-effective: two teachers per campus times $42,000 times seven schools.

Wouldn’t it be a better use of that money to teach the parents how to prepare their children for the world of school?

Work with the parents to show them how to work with their little ones, getting them out from in front of the TV, taking them to the park to learn how to play with others, singing with them, talking to them, READING to them, helping them learn their ABCs and their 1, 2, 3’s.

Think about how much money this would save KISD, how much joy and help it would bring to the children, and knowledge that it would bring to those parents who have been helped in this way.

And, subsequently, the district could use the money saved to assist the KISD employees who were so recently shafted by the unnecessary increase in their insurance costs.

What say you?

Debra Bearden

Harker Heights

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Killeen patriot

so it is most definately about the impact aide. My wife works for KISD and they are having to redo the impact aide to try to get more money. They did not like their number from the first impact aide go around. Enrollment has decreased on the on post schools, because families of deployed soldiers have moved away, and more soldiers are moving off post. All of the student who attend the on post schools are dependents of soldiers, so these schools were often the largest source of money for impact aide. So the district needs to increase enrollment in the on post schools, so they are offering the 3 year old preschool. The district knows that parents will jump on this program, because they view it as free child care not school preparation. So impact aide will go up.

I think the superintendent of the district is working the federal system. I do not agree with the 3 year old preK.


Yes, my understanding is it has lots to do with impact aid. We must spend it to get it, so as with all other govt funds, we find something to spend it on, no matter how frivolous it may seem.

Dr Strangelove

Debbie is right: It’s so true follow the money. You have to look at some of the lies of the feminist movement telling women they can have it all. You rich feminists on TV saying I have children and a career too. What they fail to tell young women and girls is school they’ve hired a woman to be the kids mother! Oh they call her a nanny but that baby is going to bond with that hired employee—fact.

The other big lie is you don’t need a man this comes from the Hollywood left. Young school girls listen to this garbage. Of course these Hollywood babes have a few million bucks in the bank and hire people to take care of their kid(s) while they go to work.

This pre-K BS is not about learning it’s about childcare for the poor so mommy can go to work you have got a paid government employee taking care of your kid(s).

Debbie H

Why are they only having the 3 year old classes in Fort Hood schools? Could it have something to do with Impact Aid? It's usually always about money.


Spot on, Debbie!!!


This is way to young to go to school, they should be home still being kids. I sometimes think it is just free baby sitting for the parents. It used to be 5 and 6 years old was when you started school. The odd thing is our kids aren't getting any smarter by starting this early, in fact I think its just the opposite.


"The odd thing is our kids aren't getting any smarter by starting this early, in fact I think its just the opposite"

I've seen studies that showed kids who attended preschool have better high school graduation rates than kids who don't. Obviously, I doubt the findings a bit, since I know so many other factors are involved...

I think the sad reality is that too many households have both parents working full-time, not because it's absolutely necessary, but because we're holding ourselves to a higher standard of living -- everyone wants a newer, bigger house, two cars per driver, a flatscreen in every room, a smartphone in every hand.

(Disclaimer: I'm lucky that my wife's salary keeps us in a good place so I'm able to stay at home with our two kids. We're making sure the three-year-old is doing pre-school type activities at home.)

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