To the Editor:

President Obama said recently that 35 years ago, he could have been Trayvon Martin. 

I don’t think so. President Obama is way too smart. 

When neighborhood watch member George Zimmerman quit surveillance of Trayvon Martin, as was his job, he started to return to his vehicle. 

As Zimmerman was going back to his car, I do not think President Obama would have run up to Zimmerman and punched him in the face, breaking his nose. 

When Zimmerman was down, I do not think President Obama would have pounded Zimmerman’s head on the pavement. 

Had it been President Obama, Zimmerman would not have been in fear of losing his life.

And not one, but both, would still be alive. 

James Bennett


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Mamma Griz

Bubba, what other eyewitness? He did NOT see what happened from the first to the last-- unless it was the mouse in GZ's pocket. And disinterested? Very unlikely.

You inferred that PRESIDENT Obama isn't smart? Well, look in your mirror to see another person who isn't smart.

It's a shame that the only other eyewitness was killed and couldn't tell his story. Very convenient isn't it!

Dr Strangelove

Oh come on Bubba is absolutely correct on this issue. Evidence by experts backs him up on this. Typical Obama supporter bases everything on emotion and not facts. Also Obama should have kept his big mouth shut about it. Now people are asking why didn't he open his big mouth about the three 15 year old black thugs beating down a 13 year old white student on a public school bus.

Also I have to look at the intelligence of Obama he’s already got Obamacare passed its LAW yet all he does in campaign about it—will someone inform him it’s the law of the land.

We’ll see how much you love Obama when your medical benefits gets cut and your co-pay goes up!


Go read the record of trial and educate yourself. Then you won't look as stupid as you do now.


P.S. I haven't met too many people just flat out smarter than me. That would include you and obama. Your arrogant, leftist ranting and namecalling are dismisssed and reported.


Truth & leftist in the same post. Total awesomeness!


There's no way of knowing what a 17-year-old obama would or would not have done. The president's admitted drug use may be an interesting debate.

obama is many things; "smart" would not be among them.

The forensic pathologist testified under oath as to what the physical evidence in the Zimmerman case was and that is supported the version of events provided by Mr. Zimmerman. Further, a disinterested eye-witness corroborated Mr. Zimmerman's account of events, and this is also a matter of record, under oath. The nutcakes in this country need to stop saying "We will never know both sides of this story" and admit that the truth and the facts void their leftist, whackjob agenda.

Dr Strangelove

The press keeps on talking about neighborhood watch; Zimmerman was not on watch that night, he was going to the store when he observed Trayvon Martin. Media showed 12 year old photos of Martin. At autopsy Martin was 155 pounds 5’11” not the small child the liberal media showed us—he was not a small child as he was portrayed to be. His father didn’t contact the police who left a card at his residence until 70 hours later—thinking the police were looking for his thug son.

Thank God we still have justice in America: events took place as George Zimmerman described them, granted Zimmerman should have never gotten out of his car—so stop crying about spilled milk it’s beyond that now. Zimmerman was struck by Trayvon Martin, pinned to the ground, and beaten savagely by him (to the extent of having his head slammed repeatedly into the concrete sidewalk; Zimmerman was unable to retreat; hence the "stand your ground" law is not relevant. Zimmerman was not charged initially because the physical evidence was consonant with his story, and was not contradicted by the testimony of witnesses. He was prosecuted because of political pressure brought on the Whitehouse, State of Florida, race baiters like Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, and by community organizers—this trial should have never happened! I’m sick and tired of hearing this thug was a child when I was his age I was shooting machineguns, M16’s, throwing hand grenades—being trained to kill the enemy by the United States Army. I would never turn around and attack someone like he did to Zimmerman. There are no winners here, Martian is dead, Zimmerman is marked for life.


Yet another person that has faith in Mr. Hotdogger, G.Z.! Other eye witness of this tragedy was shot dead. We will never know the two sides of this story.

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