To the Editor:

There is a controversial private curriculum being taught in 70 percent of Texas schools that appears to be an instrument of anti-American propaganda rather than education.

Coincidentally, 70 percent of Texas high school graduates are not college ready.

This curriculum, known as CSCOPE, teaches that the Boston Tea Party during the American Revolution was an act of terrorism comparable to 9/11.

It teaches that Allah is the almighty God. Teachers who teach this curriculum cannot discuss it.

It teaches the Second Amendment is limited to state-run organizations despite court rulings to the contrary.

Fortunately, state Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, is having hearings on CSCOPE.

We should write our legislators and demand this be removed from our schools.

We should also demand passage of a school voucher program that would break the monopoly of our government schools and improve our children’s education.

This would focus our government schools on actual education rather than the political indoctrination that occurs far too often in place of education.

Donald Baker


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I attended the Texas Senate Education Committee Hearing.

Two CSCOPE experts on which this program is founded and by which research verifies is a Marxist (Lev Vygotsky) a Humanist (Linda -Darling Hammond Whose school failed using this radical approach)

Teachers are forced to sign a user agreement that threatens them with criminal prosecution if they reveal the details of the lessons or speak ill of the program.

Students have been given the same CSCOPE test over and over until the grades come up and then declared a success. Teachers are told to give the answers to the students before the test to improve grades.

Training material supports a theory of learning called social constructivism (A Socialist Concept) which says that learning can not occur unless it is in a social setting where not only ideas are shared but grades are shared as well.....It is built on Education Equity.

At the meeting a lesson was shown asking children to imagine they have started a Socialist country and they need to design their own Socialist flag by looking at the flags of other Socialist countries.

I watched as the CSCOPE representatives lied to the committee about how teachers were treated which was proven they lied when the next witness had a CSCOPE training document that said they were to be constantly monitored so they would not bring in other materials and facts.

CSCOPE owners (TESCCC) hired lawyers to petition the Attorney General twice to keep their lessons and the minutes of their meetings away from the public eye.

There are millions of dollars involved.
There are kickbacks involved.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg. While the Texas Senate figures this mess out your children are being taught incorrect facts and indoctrinated to embrace without your knowledge extreme ideas.

All the superintendents who praised CSCOPE gave the same talk: They and their teachers are not smart enough to coordinate the TEKS with proven lessons and they need CSCOPE to tell them what to do.

Textbooks are being shredded in some schools.

Homework is being eliminated or limited so parents do not have the whole picture.

The longer you wait to help get students back on a curriculum that the SBOE has scrutinized.

CSCOPE people went around the legislature, the Governor's office and the State Board of Education to get this in place.

ACT NOW! Call your school board and demand that they not renew CSCOPE until it has been thoroughly investigated.

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