To the Editor:

Our forefathers wrote the amendments protecting our rights, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They wanted our federal government kept small and unobtrusive, but these amendments are failing miserably under Obama’s administration.

The scandals keep coming; will there be no end of them? Willful waste of taxpayers’ dollars, and political views, secret gathering of personal information on our activities, associations and decisions are made on a daily basis by government agencies regardless of who you are. Clearly our constitutional rights are being violated. Cover-ups, lame excuses and downright lies are coming out of the White House. Do you trust or respect your government bureaucracy?

At Obama’s inauguration, he stated he was going to transform this country. Transform it how and into what? It’s clear as to the how of the question but what of the what? I personally feel his agenda for our country is to turn it from a democracy to a socialistic, fascist, totalitarian state. Do you like the sound of that? If not, then you need to take a stand now before it’s too late. Raise your voice and be heard in the White House and around the world that you will not tolerate your rights threatened by this administration or any other government.

Earlene Eidenier


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Obama is an easy target because he campaigned to "Change" the "business as usual" government. He hasn't followed through... And, that doesn't have anything to do with Bush!

Gary Caraway

Our constitutional rights are being trampled. When did that happen? President Obama is an easy target to blame. But I didn't just wake up from my "Rip Van Winkle" nap. There was this warrantless surveillance program that began after 911 by the NSA. Then the congress passed the USA Patriot act in October 2001. 98 senators and over 80% of our reprentatives voted for it. That's when we lost the 4th amendment. When this law was revisited and reapproved under the new name of the America Protection act 2007, again over 80% of both houses voted for it. As recent as February 2013 the supreme court ruled warrantless wiretapping can't be challenged. Our divided government with their 3 branches have been quite united on this issue for some time. This has been business as usual for more than a decade. I agree Americans need to let their voices be heard. The apathetic or somnolent American voter hasn't shown up.

"You don't know what you've got till it's gone." Joni Mithchell

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