To the Editor:

President Obama is so out of touch with the American taxpayers and his decisions have helped depress our economy such as with Obamacare.

Premiums are doubling, even tripling instead of the affordability he said would come with this law. The middle class will pay the most and seniors will have lost $700 billion in cuts to Medicare.

What will get in the way of health care service and treatments? No promises were made there, so that makes me wonder about what the quality of our health care will really be.

With health care premiums increasing, and the fines assessed are lower for not providing health care, it is more economical for employers to cut their employees to 30 hours a week or less. And the number of employees is also a determining factor, hence no hiring new employees.

This is definitely not good for stimulating the economy. American families will suffer more hardships put on them by this law and yet nothing has been done to repeal this abomination on taxpayers.

Now, President Obama, instead of dealing with al the scandals in his administration, has opted for a new strategy — or is it a distraction? Coal mining and coal-burning, energy-producing corporations have been levied with new EPA ordinances by the president.

Yes, you guessed right that the costs of these new ordinances will be passed on to you, the American people, in your electric bills, among other things.

Plus, the number of jobs lost will again not be good for the economy, and the families affected by it will suffer. So what is his rationality for this decision?

The president’s foreign policy is the laughingstock of the world governments. He has made us look weak and cowardly in the eyes of our enemies who wish for nothing more than to eradicate the American people from the face of the earth.

More and more shady dealings by the federal government with our sworn enemies are being perpetrated at a cost to the American economy and its workers.

Why, President Obama, are you so negative to this democracy, our nation and the people who reside within?

Is it that this is not really your country until it has been transformed by you and your supportive administration?

Well, I have a one-word solution: “impeachment,” for dereliction of duty to the American people.

Oh, by the way, are you enjoying your $60 million-plus vacation?

Earlene Eidenier


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No other president would get away with what is going on now. All these things that have happened and no answer, all they say is "I don't remember" "I don't know" or "I will have to look into it". All great answers a kid would give untill they found something better or the parent gave up on it. There is no accountablity with this government, they just do what they want.

Dr Strangelove

They're all out of touch. Yep the normal American with a job because of Obamacare will cost us $5000.00 dollars a year. Thank you Obama voters I hope in breaks your bank account.

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