To the Editor:

We need a primary challenger to (state Rep.) Jimmie Don Aycock. This RINO runs calling himself a conservative, but nothing is further from the truth.

During budget negotiations, he voted to impose Obamacare on Texas.

He supports CSCOPE, the liberal social indoctrination curriculum, in our schools. He opposes school choice, thus denying children a chance for a propaganda-free education. He supports throwing endless amounts of our tax dollars to our failed schools and demanding no accountability from them. He does whatever the teachers unions tell him to do.

He opposes armed teachers, thus continuing the asinine policy of creating shooting galleries for criminals.

He cannot be bothered to answer letters from constituents.

He supports tax increases. How much is enough for our politicians? All of our earnings?

Donald N. Baker


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I've got to admit, I feel the same way about Aycock and I'm from Killeen. His votes to my way of thinking, is about 180 % out from my views so I in good conscience will not favor him with my vote. I agree, isn't there another candidate to run in this electionin opposition to Aycock?


Another point in the original letter that was censored by the Killeen Daily Herald was the fact Aycock voted to censor your right to free political speech. He voted for SB346 which was vetoed by the governor because it was a violation of free political speech. Evidently Aycock feels wenwashed subjects has no right to criticize our politicians. How dare we.


Why not a Democrat to replace the GOP?
The GOP get a sexual thrill in punishing people for not be good old boys . or for being a women.
It is time for Texas to get away from all GOP / tea party nut cases ( look at what theGOP is doing in D.C. holding we the people hostage for the glory of nut cases like Ted Cruz .And notice all Texas GOP are like the Taliban in punishing women . yes they say the are pro life and make a lot of money talking about dead babies , but are not spending on dime on helping women get hospital birth. and ignore the fact that men are as guilty and perhaps more guilty in getting a women in a family way.


Why not a Democrat? Because that is a party hostile to this country and actively trying to destroy it. Democrats hate our constitution and want to impose a draconian Marxist rule in this country. Real Americans don't vote for Democrats.

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