To the Editor: 

With support from Harry Reid and Democratic-controlled Senate, President Obama’s transformation of this nation is on track.        

 His administration’s scandals include Bengazhi, IRS (multiple), NSA, DOJ, VA, and the current tsunami on the U.S. and Mexico border with Central American illegals wanting amnesty.

Of course, we can’t forget about the ACA (“Obamacare”) law, which is filled with numerous hidden taxes and soaring medical costs passed on to America’s taxpayers.

Then there’s the (Pvt. Bowe) Bergdahl deal, which consists of five of the most dangerous Gitmo detainees swapped for one U.S. military deserter. A real sore point with me!

All the while, U.S. Marine Sgt. (Andrew) Tahmooressi is incarcerated in a Mexican prison for a simple driving mistake, but Obama has done nothing to get his release. Is this hypocrisy?

The decisions and executive orders this president is achieving without congressional approval are detrimental to the people of this nation. His agenda is well planned and executed by his hand-picked administration.

Obama is slowly acquiring more power, usurping the power of Congress and GOP. Hence, no more representation of the American people’s voices, and instead a self-ruling president is created.            

Everything he has accomplished thus far does not benefit Americans positively, only negatively — from the slack economy to the pursuit of happiness and health. His pathetic foreign policy is irresponsible and incompetent. Our independence is being challenged systematically.

  Wow!  If that’s not transformation, then what would you call it? Socialism, communism, monarchy or worse?

Earlene Eidenier


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I call it Fascism. And, our votes keep supporting both sides that are involved.


@ Wow! If that’s not transformation, then what would you call it? Socialism, communism, monarchy or worse?

communism and a monarchy

Which was the game plan at the very beginning.

The people may have had an excuse at the beginning to fall for what they were being told, They didn't know the man or had met any of those he would bring in with him.
But, they had the years that followed, to find out, IF they were able to think for themselves,
and especially, during the Democratic Convention when the argument over allowing the name of God or the Country of Israelis name to be entered on their platform.
That should have settled the question of who the citizens of the country (even the liberals) who they were dealing with.

God is waiting to see what happens next and what the people do to rid themselves of what could be the very downfall of our lives as we have known it so far.

This incudes All will be watched,
Even those who gave their votes to the present group because of a color,race or what they thought they were going to get free of charge.
Those days are over,
no one is needed any longer even the ones who (I could say stupidly) but instead, I will say unknowingly helped cause the chaos that is ongoing,
No jobs paying a decent wage ,uncertain medical care, thousands of foreigners over running the country ,etc. and all Americans who are working, suppose to pay the bills.
But there is more to come, listed in the newspapers this past week. Those who receive food stamps, will be told ,it may be a better idea if they spend most of the total of the amount they receive, in the produce dept. at the grocery store,
These thoughts given by Mrs. President.


Vote Republican/Conservative and get rid of progressive liberals.


Agree with this!

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