To the Editor:

I am frustrated by the posted 60 mph on U.S. 190 from the Fort Hood main entrance to the Knight’s Way Exit ramp.

After enduring a number of years of roadway construction from Copperas Cove eastward, I was looking forward to finally enjoying higher speed limits. When higher speed limits were not posted, I finally emailed TxDOT, only to discover that the Killeen City Council was prohibiting the change.

TxDOT has constructed a roadway designed to easily carry 75 mph traffic. While I try to be a law-abiding driver and hold my speed to 60 mph through this section of roadway, I am subjected to hand gestures, angry comments, tailgating and lane swapping by my fellow drivers. They angrily go around me, visibly frustrated by my speed.

I want to suggest drivers redirect their hand gestures, comments and frustrations toward the Killeen City Council, who are causing some measure of road rage because of their municipal speed restrictions.

To the Killeen City Council, I say allow a more reasonable speed limit. If you are unwilling to do so, then at least enforce the speed limits you’ve posted so all drivers can be equally miserable and frustrated.

Hilda Whetzel


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I too do my best to do the posted speed limits only to be nearly ran over by almost everyone that is doing 70-75 in a 60. I agree with the article about raising the speed limit, but I am afraid that if they make it 70 or 75, soldiers late for formation and others late for work or just in a hurry to go to lunch will be doing 80-85.. I have seen KPD and the HWP do one day of trapping for tickets since the new lanes were opened.. do the off duty police and city council etc not drive on 190/14 and see how dangerous it has gotten? And has any of you been in the lane next to the eastbound that ends and have people driving in the far left lane that ends and then squeezes between you in the wall? Ridiculous

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