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Lampasas reader says she’s tired of president’s deceptive policies


To the Editor:

“Obamacare” (Affordable Care Act) is causing Americans to lose their existing self paying health insurance policies that they are happy with and can afford.

President Obama and his administration knew 2010 that people would lose their substandard policies according to the HHS and government guidelines.

These people would be forced to federal exchanges to purchase supposedly better policies at higher premiums, higher out-of-pocket deductibles and higher co-pays.

This was written in the law, ensuring higher participation and guaranteed monies for the subsidies.

If the truth had been told to Americans, ACA would never have passed.

The lies were told for a reason, and that was to get his legacy rammed through and down our throats. Once a law, it has to be adhered to.              

He knew along with Kathleen Sebelius’ ACA website was not ready for rollout on Oct. 1. So far, this website has cost the American taxpayers $800 million and isn’t even totally fixed or secure, so your personal information is at risk of being hacked.

How much longer do we have to put up with his deceptive policies?

The midterm 2014 election of the Senate should be the determining factor if Democrats are kicked out of office and replaced with Republicans.

Maybe then, this debacle of a government heath care law can be repealed and replaced with another plan that is more sensible and fair to everyone.

Just maybe, the lies will slow to a trickle or just cease altogether. Wishful thinking, I believe.                

Socialism, and this is what this ACA law resembles, is a nasty word in my vocabulary.

Earlene Eidenier