To the Editor:

I urge all to contact their representatives and urge their support of the school voucher bills being considered in the Legislature.

For far too long, our children have been subjected to educational malpractice in our government school monopoly. They are being subjected to liberal indoctrination rather than education. Education creates thinkers who question, while indoctrination creates fanatics who cannot.

Children have been punished for questioning the fanatical liberal dogma being shoved down their throats. They are being taught values their parents oppose. In some schools, our children were told Islam is the only true religion. They are being taught that perversions are normal. Some schools in Texas have instructed their students to not tell their parents what they are being taught. That is an outrage.

Of course, the left-wing teachers union will squeal like stuck pigs over the idea that their government school monopoly is stopped. But then, the last thing the teachers unions care about is education. Their interest is money to promote their left-wing interests. Nongovernment schools provide a far better education for less money.

Contact you legislators. School vouchers must pass.

Donald N. Baker


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Sadly....fake news!!


AFT is a teacher's union in Texas. Last week in Austin, teachers who are members of this union were passing out pamphlets to Hispanic students telling them not to cooperate with ICE.

AFT- Left wing? You decide.


There is no teacher's union in Texas. I taught for about 20 years in Killeen and don't consider myself left-wing. I vote Republican on many matters. The dogma that our children have "shoved down their throats" is dictated by the Texas Education Agency, not individual teachers.

I also question your statement that "Nongovernment schools provide a far better education for less money". Many of the private schools only take selected students unlike public education. Looking at the private schools in Killeen, I don't think your statement is valid.

I have no problem with school vouchers but I do have a problem with someone who can't get their facts straight and will say anything to achieve their goals.

Dr Strangelove

I don’t know about Killeen ISD but over twenty years ago I worked for CTC and paid into a teachers union retirement fund. To say there is no teachers union in Texas is a lie. Also you need to get your facts right. Private schools do teach problem kids too. Your statement, “Many of the private schools only take selected students.” Is a lie put out by public school teachers unions—FACT!

Heights Teacher

As a lay person I understand your confusion on this subject. There are absolutely no teachers unions permitted to function in Texas. There are Associations. Associations are organizations of people with a common interest or purpose. A union is also made up of people with common interests, but with one major difference: members of a union have the legal right to engage in collective bargaining with an employer, and the employer is legally obligated to bargain with the union. Texas decided long ago that they did not want any part of workers having that kind of power. We have no say over our pay or benefits.

Dr Strangelove

Horse hockey! Associations equal Unions that’s just a PC name for Unions. Money was taken out of my paycheck going to the Texas Teachers Retirement Fund. This union was highly invested in tobacco and was against the State suing tobacco companies. Don’t tell me there are no teachers unions in Texas you just admitted to it by saying Associations.


Armain, there is a teacher's union in Texas. In many cases the dogma being shoved down the throat originates from individual teachers and administrators. That is why some Northern Texas schools have instructed their students to not tell their parents what they are being taught. Christianity is banned in Government schools but in many places the pillars of Islam are taught. One North Texas school attempted to allow male students to use the female restrooms, and to hell with what the parents thought about that. I don't think government schools should be a place where perversion is taught. Schools have told students they shouldn't have an American flag on their vehicle because it might offend someone. Especially in this area, too many have died defending that flag to allow some lunatic government school teacher disrespect our flag. Studies have shown over and over nongovernment schools educate better and cheaper than government schools. Recently Killeen schools didn't do well with the new state A - F grading system of our schools. The response of administrators and teachers was to squeal like stuck pigs on how unfair this is. Isn't A - F how you grade your students? You do know the definition of hypocrisy don't you? Why is being held accountable for the quality of your services so offensive to government school teachers? You may have been a teacher for 20 years, but I question if you have been an educator. You need to get your facts straight and we need school vouchers.

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