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Largely Democratic government employees feel pinch of Obamacare


To the Editor:

There has been a lot about “Obamacare” lately, mostly rather heated. Why can’t people see the humor in this?

I was talking to a government employee in early October about this. Since he was home due to the shutdown, he decided to check the status of his health care policy for the coming year.

He logged on to the government website and found his cost had doubled for the coming year. But not to worry. The government pays for about two-thirds of this.

But wait. There is more. Further research brought up the fact the government is cutting its share in half! This doubles his cost. Don’t think that is funny?

Obamacare was passed by a Democratic Congress and signed into law by a Democratic president. Still don’t see the humor?

Government employees are around 90 percent Democrats.

There is an election coming up next year and the Democrats will be trying to spin this to be on account of the evil Republicans. That should be hilarious.

Edward D. Mitchell