To the Editor:

This past week another child was killed by a vicious dog.

Dogs not properly supervised by their owners — I think that the law in Killeen and other places should change to be more severe to the dogs’ owners.

At the least there should be a fence with the minimum height of 6 feet that the dog cannot jump.

Furthermore, the dog in a case like this that killed a person, the dog should be put to sleep right away without questions asked and the owners should be charged with murder.

There are too many people being killed by dogs. Also, the owners are not supervising these animals properly. Something must be done about this problem in Killeen.

I think that people should be able to walk the parks and the streets without fear of being attacked by one of these vicious dogs that are not supervised properly.

The law must change to take care of this matter because there are too many children being killed and others attacked.

Hector L. Rivera


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"...should be charged with murder..."

Perhaps "negligent homicide" at the most. Doesn't a murder charge include "with malice aforethought" or similar language?

I'm all in favor of stiffer penalties for dog owners when their dogs cause harm, and stiffer regulations for dog owners in general (for example, I'm tired of picking up dog stinkpiles from my yard, since Killeen doesn't require dog owners to pick up their dogs' leavings), but I don't see how simply owning a dog is "malice aforethought".

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