To The Editor:

Texans will quickly resolve the school security dilemma after the Legislature removes carry restrictions in Texas Penal Code Chapter 46. (Guns on campus debate, KDH, March 15.)

In addition to law enforcement officers, school districts could leverage a small cadre of employees and volunteer concealed handgun license holders to provide layered armed security. (Candidates address issue of guns in schools, March 19).

The latter could be deployed like federal sky marshals; rotating between campuses and varying on-site presence each day.

Few would need to know the location of school marshals and not all campuses would likely be covered each day.

The Legislature should give school districts the freedom to adopt solutions that fit their communities. A policy change would also send a clear Texas message   our schools are no longer gun-free zones and an armed capability has been sensibly integrated into the security system that protects our children.

Stu McLennan

Harker Heights

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Dr Strangelove

Indiana advances first-in-nation proposal to require arming school official

Go to Fox News website I tried posting a link but KDH said it was profanity?


this happened to me too

obvious glitch in their software

Bill of Harker Heights

Guns are already on campus. The bad guys don't care about the rules and the cops/security personnel cannot be everywhere. It would be great to have the most effective tools to handle problems that arise.


Each district must allow its parents and taxpayers to make this call. The nonsense of a "gun free zone" allowed the killers in WV and CT to do their work, unmolested. You cannot declare a "gun free zone" and then fail to provide security.

Dr Strangelove

fraar insanity total insanity that’s what your comment is. If one student or worker at Virginia Tech had been armed think how many students would be alive today same thing with Luby’s in Killeen. Thinking like yours gets people killed. Chicago and NYC have some of the strictest gun control laws in the country look at the murder rates. Every State that has right to carry laws violent crime has went down.

So please move to Chicago or NYC where you can feel safe.


Insanity! The day I am required to be armed in the classroom, I will walk out...An educational institution is for education...

Dr Strangelove

I agree but a classroom is for a SAFE education. The problem with gun control people is you have no logic. Some nutcase comes into a classroom and starts shooting kids what is your solution call 911? The police will make a report on how many kids were killed. You should talk to Susanna Hupp her parents were killed at Luby’s.


...then make sure that a 'nutcase' can't get any guns. Would you rather have a kid get a hold of the teacher's weapon? No guns in school!


Dr Strangelove...I was hoping that I had escaped your comments on huffington post. To great dismay, I find you at a local news paper...
I am certain that you were happy to read that legislatures in ND passed an ordinance requiring every citizen to have a gun. Way to go.
By the way, Dr. Griffith's wife had a handgun at Luby's. Did neither save her husband nor others.

Dr Strangelove

fraar, well I can see all you can do is rant about no guns in schools. Guns in schools sure works for Israel; as usual you gun control liberals have no solutions. You hangout at the Huff-post speaks volumes. Maybe you should move to Chicago or NYC they have the most strict gun control laws in the country and of course they have no gun deaths in those cities you’ll be safe there.


Insanity! Total insanity. Guns in schools on universities? What are legislatures thinking?

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