To the Editor:

Ron Lowe’s letter to the editor, April 19, about the “huge economic boom” is neither current event nor reality.

It’s not even his words. They were taken verbatim from an article in Wired magazine (July 1997) titled “The Long Boom” by Peter Schwartz and Peter Leyden.

The article was the author’s vision of the future (1980-2020) on how technology and a global market would influence our destiny.

Schwartz’s book “The Long Boom” was released in 1999 with co-authors Peter Leyden and Joel Hyatt.

The book dispels the thoughts of those believing America is in decline, crime is out of control, good jobs are scarce and the working middle class is diminishing.

Instead, according to Schwartz, the world’s economy would be doubling every dozen years, increasing prosperity to billions consequently solving poverty and creating world peace.

As good it may sound, it was pure speculation not fact. And with only 6 years left to “fast forward” I think it’s safe to say this is not the course we have taken.

Schwartz, American Futurist, was a member of Students for a Democratic Society and co-founded the Global Business Network which uses scenario planning to help businesses and governments plan multiple possible futures.

Leyden, founder of “Next Agenda,” worked at Global Business Network. He is founder and CEO of “Reinventors,” a network of innovators involved a series of discussions on how to fundamentally reinvent America.

Hyatt was a Democratic nominee for the United States Senate in Ohio in 1994. He was co-founder and senior partner of Hyatt Legal Services which paid a $157,000 judgment in 1990 for illegally firing Clarence B. Cain, because of his AIDS diagnosis.

If Ron Lowe is going to recite someone else’s writings, he should at least give credit where credit is due.

D. Higginbotham

Harker Heights

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You left out Joel Hyatt was partners with Al(jazeera) Gore.

There's no political agenda there. No siree!

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