To the Editor:

Don Fender comparing the voting at the recent VFW Post 9192 elections leaves out some points (Letters, Aug. 4 KDH).

As he pointed out, a valid VFW membership card was required to be eligible to vote. However, no picture ID was required if you had a valid membership card. The voter registration card serves the same purpose.

You present the registration card to prove you are who you are and are eligible to vote. It is a good system.

As I understand it, the new law would require you to have a government-issued picture ID in addition to having a voter registration card.

This will make it harder for eligible citizens to vote at a time when voting is about at a 50 percent level of eligible voters.

In addition, there is no evidence that voting fraud is a problem in Texas.

So what is the intent of the law? Is it to cut down on fraud or to make it harder for a certain group of citizens to vote?

Oh, by the way, a valid VFW membership card is required to attend any VFW meeting.

Don Fender would know that if he had voted in any of the last six VFW Post 9192 elections.

John Sammis


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Voters need to register to vote and then report to the polls with their registration card and an ID proving they are the registered voter. It's a no-brainer. The same people squealing about this have no problem producing official state-issued ID to cash their welfare checks.


The hard one to believe is school (college) issued IDs are not recognized to vote but gun licenses are? How much more transparency is needed to know who they are attempting to exclude? If you can win with ideas to make citizens' lives better, try to win with ideas to exclude citizens with different ideas.


CHL are issued by the state and are hard to duplicate; college IDs are issued by colleges.

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