To the Editor:

Well, I have two solutions to Diane Murphy’s problem (Timing of Stagecoach Road project questioned by Kempner resident — Letters, Nov. 3).

1. Get a job in Copperas Cove or 2. Move to Harker Heights.

Considering the employment opportunities and the unemployment rate in the area, I would say anyone with a decent job is fortunate.

It should also be noted that Diane Murphy lives in Kempner and does not pay taxes in Killeen. I would offer that she stop complaining and count her blessings.

John Sammis


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Gripe all you want Diane.
Every time you buy a tank of gas you're paying for these road improvements regardless of what Mr. Sammis thinks.
As far as that's concerned; if you're driving from Kempner to Harker Heights every day you're quite possibly paying more in taxes to fix the roads than he is!


Diane, another factor that affects timing is KTMPO and whose scratching who's back. Temple pitched to the public they were widening 317. But, at last minute, changed their mind. The people who had a hand in that decision are also linked to the home builders assoc. and endorsed Belton City Council candidates connected with real estate. They in turn endorse UMHB bridge. According to a traffic study by Lee Engineering, LLC in Dallas TX, the bridge “will primarily serve university traffic” have minimal regional use and not attract significant diversion traffic from FM 93 to the south or Sparta Road to the north - so, you see? Its KTMPO leaders as well as local leaders who influence outcome.


Diane you should know that many residents share your frustration. All the construction at one time because the money is "available" doesn't ease the pain of commuters. Growth can be balanced & if every inch in Killeen didn't have to be built on then we'd see more green space/less congestion. Traffic headaches belong in large places like DFW.

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