To the Editor:

Patricia Muldrow Roberts’ Oct. 20 letter to the editor illustrates a lopsided view of what’s been going on in Washington.

She refers to Sen. Ted Cruz’s “vile rhetoric” without validation, then ignores the plethora of despicable comments made by the Democrats. They described Republicans as “blackmailers, domestic abusers, hostage takers, terrorists, extortionists and jihadists.”

She mentioned one individual in front of the White House waving a confederate flag as if he somehow represents Republicans. For all we know, this individual could have been planted by Democrats or SEIU, etc. as a political ploy to stoke the flames of anger toward their opponent.

Roberts quoted Charles Frederic Aked, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” This is true. But, to continuously criticize the actions of one then remain silent when another does the same thing is more dangerous than “doing nothing” because you embolden the evil.

A perfect example is Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson’s campaign email. It contains a picture of a burning cross in place of the letter “T” in tea party with KKK members in the background and a banner that says “Now you know what the “T” stands for!”

Alan Grayson makes no apologies in having his name attached to this. Why? ... Because history shows the “enablers” will give him a pass.

The people who remain silent about this are the same people who would not hesitate to exploit the “hateful, vile rhetoric” if it were an adversary.

No matter who or where it comes from, vile is still vile.

Picking and choosing outrage based on whom or where it’s initiated is not the solution, it’s the problem. It’s what’s wrong in America today.

D. Higginbotham

Harker Heights

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Re: "democrat" with a SMALL d.

The plaque I was referring to says "DEMOCRAT" ...yes that's a capitol "D."

Since you feel the need to butt in on a conversation I was having with another person to attack me personally, then I need not read the rest of your post. Too bad, too. From the length, it looks like you wasted a lot of time.

Richard North

It sounds like a conpiracy, wrapped in a anti liberal tortilla, smothered with a bit of coldwar scare cheese.


Tortilla and cheese!?! That sounds tastier than the liberal "baloney" sandwich that's being crammed down our throats!


that is why all of us good men on standing up and being counted because of where our country is going, if we do nothing we will all wake and be communist or something. Obama is already trying to make us a socialist state.


The most socialist thing about this nation is SOCIAL SECURITY.

That and 100% socialist Medicare are destroying this country.

Republicans are Right.

We need to end those programs ASAP.

Obamacare was just a socialist attempt to extend similar benefits to everyone who was unable to buy insurance.

Get rid of medicare and replace it with a voucher that Seniors can put towards the purchase of private insurance, which if we are lucky will go back to the good way before Socialist Obamacare.

We need to write to your DC reps. and demand the Republicans force the issue to get rid of Social Security and replace it with a tax funded IRA like they want.

Instead of going into the government wasting Social Security account, each person's tax would go into a private account to gamble on the Stock market.

This would ensure everyone works hard, because you'd only get to invest what you put in. There'd be no more welfare for seniors who get far more back than they ever paid in thanks to living much longer.


It's no wonder "history" is not one of our stronger subjects:

The Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies at Northeastern Illinois University displays a plaque in honor of President Abraham Lincoln that reads:

“This building is dedicated to public service honoring the memory of Abraham Lincoln Democrat”

The dedication was in 1905. I guess they never corrected it because technically it's correct... all dead republicans vote democrat in Chicago! [lol]

Dr Strangelove

Whoa what a flashback a good friend of mine who happen to be born black from LA, CA. We got in a debate when I said Lincoln was a Republican. Ended up we went to Casey Library (pre-Internet) on Fort Hood where I showed him. He was shocked in a public inner-city school in CA he was taught Lincoln was a Democrat like Johnson.


Thanks for sharing. Interesting to find out its not a fluke!

When I first saw a picture of the plaque on the web I thought it must be Photoshopped, surely a university wouldn't make a mistake like that!!

Here's a statement from a spokesperson for the university:

"According to building archives, the word democrat was used because Lincoln was an advocate for democracy-the political or social equality of all people. The word was not chosen to reflect a political affiliation."

Did you catch that??? "political equality not political affiliation"
So, now we know you can be a democrat and not have a political affiliation!

Dr Strangelove

Sad but true! [angry]


Wow I knew ignorance can make someone bliss, but I didn't know it also made them unable to understand that one word can have many meanings, like the word "democrat" with a SMALL d.

The word "democrat" has roots stretching back to ancient Greece, which you no doubt know is the birthplace of democracy!

Now to be clear this is not mean that ancient Greece is the birthplace of the Democratic party you know and love.

The use of that word as a name for our American political party only goes back to the 1830s when they decided to name their party the Democratic party, because they fancied their slave owning selves to be the true believers in democracy, that age's true democrats (note the small "d").

Now just how wrong you are to insist we interpret words like they've always meant what they mean today is made clear by the story of how the modern Democratic and Republican parties came to be.

The Democratic party was born from a split in the Jeffersonian REPUBLICAN party! Yes that's right. The Democratic party was the Republican party, before the Republican party was even born. LOL

President Andrew Jackson the first Democratic president would have fit right in with the Tea party of today. Were he able to see that today the USA has a Black pres. what he would say would make Ted Nugent's comments sound tame.

Well I hope you caught the huge hint about how the Republican party was born. If you did then you guessed it was formed by "anti-slavery Northern Democrats (note capital D meaning members of that party) who opposed slavery and members of a political party called the Whigs who also opposed slavery.

All that just shows how stupid the truth makes the lies the Right Wing tries to tell about things like why that plaque calls Abraham Lincoln a democrat without meaning he was a member of the Democratic party.f

Oh and it does use a "lower case d" on purpose. It wasn't a typo.

Using a lower case d back then and still now is how you distinguished using the word to mean a believer in equality.

When it's an upper case D today you mean the political party.

How funny that the insult Tea partiers like to use calling the Democratic party the "Democrat party" is actually a compliment, because it literally means the party of democrats as a opposed to members of the Democratic party which includes people like our soshullist president.

The irony is rich the Republican party of Lincoln's day was truly made up of true democrats who willingly forced the issue of slavery and secession in order to make all Americans equal, while the Democratic party of Lincoln's time had few real democrats among them.

Bottom line is the meaning of words change over time.

Sometimes they change so much they end up meaning the exact opposite of what they meant in time gone by.

The only thing that remains the same is the type of stupid that thinks when they don't understand something it must be wrong.


I agree with you Eliza. Too many younger people today who did not live during that time have not the perspective of the evils with communism. That post does show the ignorance of history and likely does not know who Nikita Kruchev was.. I remember him saying also, that they would "bury us". Over 40 years of democratic control in the Congress back then led the way of tapping the social security bank. They spent the money paid into the social security trust fund and stuffed it with I.O.Us. As I was an economics major back then at a university, I learned of this swindle... My family was democratic and I became the black sheep of the family, because I was trying to convince them, that their social security money was not there in some bank account. Some people are unwilling to accept the truth.

Dr Strangelove



In 2003 when an argument for what became CRSC was ongoing a Colonel who had been finance (who used to try and even figure out VA math himself) would tell the people that the Military Retirement Fund had also been raided for use of things other then the military retired, he had many arguments put against him, however, now since we have been able to learn far more about what has really gone on 'inside' then we were ever suppose to know. I would be willing to believe the Col. now.
There has been far more learned now since so many have access to computers and can give information back and forth that they are able to accumulate. It has been a valuable aide to the common everyday citizen.

I agree that Khrushchev may be gone, but his fellow Communist are alive and willing to do what their goal has always been.
Our young people have been done a dis-service in not being taught the dangers that are always there from this group.
They use to be able to be put at a stand still as long as there were people in leadership, who they didn't know rather it was safe to cross them or not. But as we've found in just the last few weeks, the Russian leader doesn't really fear that any longer.
The young people will be the ones who will have to pick up the reins and be able to put this enemy of old at bay one day or try to . If they aren't even taught the dangers to look for in this group, they won't be able to last very long.


Fact is both parties are loyal to lobbyist and not to we the people . Like what happened to our Social Security fund . Both parties raided the SS Fund to pay for their wars form Korea to today. and instead of paying we the people interest on that robbery We whom are paying or paid into the fund are going to once again get robbed for the glory of a balance budget ,

Notice the cost of living allowance for SS is at the lowest it has ever been as both parties want to keep robbing us and refuse to pay us interest on the robbery of our one money we paid into the SS fund.

So we need a new party the PAY BACK party to rob both the Democrats and GOP and their tea party nut cases.Judy as they robbed us., By seizing all their assets
including all the assists of those dam Lobbyist in .D.C and Austin.

So until we can get a new choice of a party that will really work for we the people
On the General election in 2016 I am going to write in for President George VII the baby whom will someday be King of England as I see George VII doing less damage to the USA , than those BS artist of GOP/ tea party or Democrat party


Your children's children will live under Communism.
You American's are so gullible.
No, you won't accept Communism outright; but we'll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you finally wake up and find, that you already have Communism.
We won't have to fight you; WE'LL SO WEAKEN YOUR ECOMONY, until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.

Nikita Khrushchev 1959

At near the same time while visiting in the US,
The same Premier Khrushchev of the Soviet Union stated-

Give me your children, That's all I need.

Khrushchev was a loud mouth, hard core, Very unlikeable Communist .
Loyal to the party.

I will warn also, If this day described by Khrushchev comes about, The ones who have been 'getting over' on the system by asking for everything without wanting to work for any of it, those days will be gone.
There are NO free loaders in Communist countries. You either work or the 'government 'will find out why.
Think about that the next time you have a chance to vote, Who are you willing to trust with your own future and welfare and especially that of those you love.

Dr Strangelove



of course. it's the liberal playbook.

They learned it from mao.


Yes. I agree.

The proof is in the history books. That's why real history is not being taught in our schools anymore. Mao and others like him are made out to be heroes.

Too many people are fooled over "name" changes... they don't call it socialism/communism anymore because they know people might get alarmed!

A little research would show them it doesn't end good for the people!

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