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Letter criticizing Cruz, tea party ignores vile behavior by other side


To the Editor:

Patricia Muldrow Roberts’ Oct. 20 letter to the editor illustrates a lopsided view of what’s been going on in Washington.

She refers to Sen. Ted Cruz’s “vile rhetoric” without validation, then ignores the plethora of despicable comments made by the Democrats. They described Republicans as “blackmailers, domestic abusers, hostage takers, terrorists, extortionists and jihadists.”

She mentioned one individual in front of the White House waving a confederate flag as if he somehow represents Republicans. For all we know, this individual could have been planted by Democrats or SEIU, etc. as a political ploy to stoke the flames of anger toward their opponent.

Roberts quoted Charles Frederic Aked, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” This is true. But, to continuously criticize the actions of one then remain silent when another does the same thing is more dangerous than “doing nothing” because you embolden the evil.

A perfect example is Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson’s campaign email. It contains a picture of a burning cross in place of the letter “T” in tea party with KKK members in the background and a banner that says “Now you know what the “T” stands for!”

Alan Grayson makes no apologies in having his name attached to this. Why? ... Because history shows the “enablers” will give him a pass.

The people who remain silent about this are the same people who would not hesitate to exploit the “hateful, vile rhetoric” if it were an adversary.

No matter who or where it comes from, vile is still vile.

Picking and choosing outrage based on whom or where it’s initiated is not the solution, it’s the problem. It’s what’s wrong in America today.

D. Higginbotham

Harker Heights