To the Editor:

Re: Julie A. Robichaud’s letter to the editor Sept. 8:

The unborn can’t speak for themselves and need others to speak for them.

Ms. Robichaud asks, “If a woman has the right to not have her body used against her will by an already born private party, why does she not have the same right where the unborn are concerned?”

I would like to ask, “If a woman has the right to not have her body used against her will by an already born private party, why should the unborn (developing human) not have that same right?”

She complained the state is forcing pregnancy and denying access to abortions. In 2009 she referred to it as “forced breeding.” I can’t even comprehend how someone comes to that conclusion! Nobody is “forcing pregnancy.” Omitting cases of rape/incest, unwanted pregnancy can be prevented long before wanting/needing an abortion. The state legislation she complains about gives women 20 weeks (five months) to decide. It also assures the clinic has quick access to a reputable hospital in case of emergency so the woman can receive treatment needed to save her life. Why would anyone not want that?

Perhaps Ms. Robichaud would feel better if there were abortion clinics in the back of every gas station since easy access is her priority over a woman’s health or an unborn child’s life.

Don’t we have a moral obligation to help those who are unable to manage on their own? The unborn have the right to experience life every bit as much as those whose mother chose to let them be born. Yet, they keep getting eradicated for sake of convenience.

D. Higginbotham

Harker Heights

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Not My Body, Not My Business.


To paraphrase Martin Neimoller's “First They Came...”:

After they've come for everyone else and you've remained quiet because it wasn't your business, they will come for you but there will be no one left to speak out. It will be then you realize too late you have abetted them with your silence.


I hate to break your heart lady. But the US Constitution say we all both male and Female are equal in the eyes of the Law . Males have full control over their bodies and so do women the problem is not with females controlling their bodies.

but the males not controlling their bodies or lust and that is why women get in a family way Under Texas law only the female is punished . And males are not held accountable for getting a women in a family way .so it cost them nothing to be a dead beat daddy and bad mouth the women as being the un holy one.

If you really want to reduce abortions face the facts that the holy GOP is making sera law for women in Texas. as they support the dead beat daddies . What is needed is to do away with the SONIC law and replace it with a state pay DNA test on the Baby to see whom the daddy is and the DA to tell him to marry the women and be a daddy to his child or be neutered on pay per View and fined 300,000 dollars to pay for his child to be born in a hospital .

Dr Strangelove

I hate to break your heart females have full control of their bodies too. It takes two to get a woman in the family way. As I posted to you before what if baby daddy is in jail how’s he going to pay or the woman had so many partners she doesn’t even know who baby daddy is.

If you really want to reduce abortions let’s start telling the truth about it. TV Networks will not show the real face of abortion, the torn apart body parts. Oh they’ll show you a dead dog but not a dead baby. How about the holy feminists’ movement lying to woman that they can have it all and do everything they want with their bodies. Why don’t they tell women about the high rate of breast cancer these days? Oh they’ll run around with their little pink ribbons hey look at me I care; but they don’t tell women how birth control drugs and abortions are a major factor in the high rates of breast cancer. So get off you holy GOP trip and get some facts. BTW I’m not a part of the GOP I just wanted to show how your argument doesn’t fly.


Dr Strangelove,

Isn’t it funny how women “don’t want anyone telling them what to do with their own body” and then when they “do what they want with their own body” and get into a predicament, they want to blame someone else. Can’t have it both ways!

Dr Strangelove

Roody2 you got that right. [thumbup]

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