To the Editor:

The letter written by Mr. James Ritter, in the KDH of Saturday 30 March, left me somewhat confused concerning his rationale for saying that the Second Amendment has no application to modern so-called “assault weapons.”

When he posits that when the Second Amendment was written, it applied to muzzle loaders and rifled muskets, he ignores that such archaic weapons WERE the ASSAULT WEAPONS of the 18th century.

Since they were state-of-the-art weapons, the rights pertaining to today’s modern state-of-the-art weapons are protected by the Second Amendment, just as those old pieces were when the Bill of Rights was penned.

In addition, Mr. Ritter’s selective attack ignores the rationale that we so often see in today’s communications media that First Amendment protections are indeed afforded to modern communications devices to include the Internet.

Using his rationale, we would be led to believe that only penned words on parchment and speeches delivered in the town square should be protected by the First Amendment.

The same can be said of Fourth Amendment protections that are extended to tracking devices, tape and digital recording devices, and high-altitude photography.

If he is going to take issue with one amendment of the Bill of Rights being outmoded, for consistency of thought and argument, he should apply the same criteria to ALL constitutional amendments ... not just the Second Amendment, which seems to irk his thinking.

Retired Lt. Col. Conrad Novack

Retired KISD educator


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Concerning my right to keep and bear arms, I will not be lectured or dictated to on this issue by a regime that is responsible for purchasing arms illegally and smuggling them into the hands of mexican criminals, resulting in the death of an American citizen; and also responsible for smuggling arms in violation of international law into the hands of terrorists, resulting in the deaths of 4 Americans in Libya.


Bubba concerning the murder of an American citizen, Brian Terry, while he was on duty for the people, and working on his own home territory,

This situation is enough to make any rational thinking American see there is a problem going on inside the country. Why Americans would be encouraged by some,Not to have self protection in the same type if not more powerful then we know killed Border Guard Terry,should make all wonder,Why?

Our state along with all the southwest border states, is within miles of a country that is at war,a majority of it against their own helpless people. Some of the description of the deaths in that country is the same as has been described in the middle east where we have troops fighting in a war zone. Some of the deaths there have been gruesome.

Doesn't it make you or anyone wonder about the beheadings that have gone on when mass graves of bodies of Mexican citizens have been found with their heads missing.
As far as I can remember,Mexicans don't usually do this when murders happen.

But this is a common practice in the middle east. Which has to make one wonder,

Along with the cartels the people of the U.S. have to worry about coming across Texas' border verified by our Texas law enforcement.

Do we also have to wonder ,are our enemies from the middle east, also using thesame border of Mexico to slowly invade? How many have been allowed to invade already?

Is it becoming a situation of 'the enemy within'

The federal government has told us ,everything is hunky dory concerning our borders,but Texas law agencies say it ain't so. I believe I feel safer believing the ones that haven't been caught in a lie yet concerning this subject .

My state law agencies are trying to save its people by telling them to protect themselves,Federal government have told me, Everything is right as rain, You have nothing to worry about. But I think we may. Its best to be safe (with a gun to help protect) then to be sorry you didn't listen to reality.


The Second Amendment is the only amendment to the Constitution which states a purpose.--

That purpose being, to arm the citizens of the country, so that IF NEEDED TO ASSIST,would be armed well enough to form the militia called for by the 2nd Amendment.
It was really an order, that citizens be armed for self protection from what could be an enemy force and assist in the preservation of the country.
It doesn't take a Supreme Court to interpret what was meant when it was written.
All you have to do is read.---

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.---

The men who wrote the Bill of Rights,meant for the country to go on hopefully forever. They knew time wouldn't stand still and weapons used at the time they had to fight for the people, and the country, would not always remain the same.

At the time they had experienced war themselves,they had weapons the same or as near the same as their enemy,the British military.
Which since that military was part of the country,had become a domesticated type enemy under orders of their King.

In today's world,we know that no one will come at or after the country or its citizens carrying what was used over 200 years ago.
We have been warned even within the last days by the states law enforcement, an enemy from across the border, is among us traveling on our states interstates. They've had help in being able to advance as far as they have, since no one in our government has saw fit to give protection like every other country in the world has,a border fence.These people have weapons on them,big weapons which I would imagine none are of the registered type,unless they are some of the ones involved in the Fast & Furious caper.

The purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to guarantee the people can own weapons so that they may bear them in service of the militia if needed, to protect freedom.
In fact, if it was expected (and it was) that a citizen militia was to aid the country's military, another way of looking at this, is that the people had the right to own the same basic infantry weapon that the military did.
Today, an AR-15 with high capacity magazines would make an ideal weapon for a citizen militia to use.

At times others (even though they've liked our USD's) of the world have called us 'those dumb Americans',If we don't realize that we are now living in very dangerous times and prepare for them, we will surely fit the description others have thought of us.

I know we are the greatest country in the world,we were meant to be.Theres only a few willing to give up easily and not argue for the cause. But why should we not argue for our rights our our Constitution ?
We have given our blood,sweat and tears to try and protect others rights through out the world. Now when our time of possible danger has come,we would not be showing respect for any who have fought for the American way from the Revolution to our present day troops. If we aren't able to see the light and be willing to do our share.


Mexican Drug Cartels Biggest Threat To Texas And Its Residents
Published March 29, 2013

The Department of Public safety is out with its 2013 Texas Public Safety Threat Overview and it singles out Mexican cartels as the most significant organized crime threat to the state and its people.

The report identifies Mexican drug cartels as the most significant organized crime threat to the state.

Six of eight cartels currently have command and control networks operating in the state. They move people, drugs, cash, weapons, and stolen merchandise back and forth across the border.

"The impact of cartel crime is painfully obvious when we look to our neighbors in Mexico, with some 60,000 deaths since 2006 and continued cases of brutal torture," said DPS Director Steven McCraw. "It is a top DPS priority to severely obstruct the range and power of Mexican drug organizations to affect the public safety of Texas citizens."

Other key findings in the report:

Statewide prison gangs pose the second most significant organized crime threat in Texas. Many gangs now work directly with the Mexican cartels, gaining substantial profits from drugs and human trafficking. Prison gangs operate within and outside the prison system, and are responsible for a disproportionate amount of violent crime.

Undocumented criminals, who may not be affiliated with cartels and gangs, also pose a threat. From October 2008 to December 2012, Texas identified a total of 141,982 undocumented criminal defendants booked into Texas county jails. These individuals are responsible for at least 447,844 individual criminal charges, including 2,032 homicides and 5,048 sexual assaults.

Criminal organizations and individuals are engaging in the exploitation and trafficking of children for financial gain. These heinous crimes subject children to violence, extortion, forced labor, sexual assault and prostitution. Some children are more vulnerable to exploitation, including undocumented children, as well as those who are lost, missing or abducted. There are currently 76,272 sex offenders registered in Texas, and at least 60,871 of these offenders had a child victim.

Read more:

Dr Strangelove

ignore fraar. He posts the same ignorant comments on Huffington Post. He revels in ignorance. I hear its bliss.


The Second Amendment is not attacked. Furthermore, according to the Supreme Court ruling, the 2nd Amendment is not absolute.


yes, it really is absolute.


Leftists hate the Constitution as it thwarts their goals.

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