To the Editor:

Never have I been more appalled by two letters to the editor printed on the same day (Saturday, Sept. 7, KDH) as (the ones that showed) the love and concern for cats, compared to the dislike for God’s unborn children.

Why should the cats roaming, multiplying, messing up peoples flower beds have more rights to live than our unborn babies?

If all these feral cats have the right to keep on producing more and more offspring, then why does an innocent baby, created in the womb of its mother, not get a chance to do the same in the future?

If we could all give as much love to the unborn, selected for abortion, as we do our precious pets, this could be a better world.

God bless us all!

Christa Cook

Copperas Cove

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Christa, remember that when you go the polls. There is no group more gratified by the murder of unborn babies than the Democrat party.

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