To the Editor:

I recently had the privilege of participating as a director in an elementary choral concert that featured choirs from five elementary schools.

The children sang well, were well behaved, and enjoyed the experience of singing as a group.

This lovely evening was marred only by the behavior of a few audience members.

These individuals yelled out children’s names, and even made catcalls when some of the directors walked onto the stage.

I teach my children proper concert etiquette at school. They know that catcalls and yelling from the audience are inappropriate. They do not exhibit such behavior when we travel to concerts.

I was embarrassed for the children to hear such boorish behavior from a few individuals who should have better standards.

With graduations and other milestone events coming up, I urge the polite community to continue to model appropriate standards for those who are thoughtless and disruptive.

Perhaps if enough people turn around and send horrified glances at the offenders, they will curb their behavior. It’s a long shot, but worth the attempt.

I would also like to thank the Killeen community for their support of music education.

Whereas some districts have reduced or even eliminated music at the elementary level, KISD has been a staunch supporter of music in the schools at all levels. I feel blessed to be an educator in a district that values all aspects of educating children.

Jenny Crews


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