To the Editor:

I would like to tell you about a wonderful experience I had with Tyana Patterson, a young lady from Troop 6161.

She came to my door to sell Girl Scout cookies. She did the presentation herself, unlike so many others who have parents or other adults sell for them.

Her presentation was flawless and she did a wonderful job delivering her message.

It was so refreshing to have such an encounter. I haven’t had anyone go door-to-door selling cookies in a long time.

This young lady came out so much farther ahead of her peers who only sell at Walmart and have their parents do it for them.

The original concept was, I believe, to teach the girls self-confidence, selling skills and the ability to speak to someone one on one whom you may not know.

In any case, I believe this young woman is a credit to her troop, her mother, and the community. She exemplifies a great, young up-and-coming asset.

Micki Kline


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