To the Editor:

On Jan. 25, I was blessed to walk with many thousands of pro-life advocates during the Texas Rally for Life, which marked the 41st anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion on demand in our country.

It was so very refreshing to see all those wonderful people standing up for life. The youngest of them, of which there were many, holding signs that declared that “my generation will end abortion.” We all continue to pray for this and thank God that the youngest of our country are standing up for the rights of the unborn.

The opposition was there also, with their message of death, proclaiming that they are pro-choice, or that a woman has the right to destroy her unborn child if she chooses. I noted that many of the signs that this group was holding declared their allegiance to Sen. Wendy Davis. “I stand for Wendy” was the slogan.

The senator from Fort Worth is the one who attempted to stop House Bill 2 with a filibuster. HB 2 provisions barred abortions in Texas after 20 weeks, required a physician performing an abortion to have admitting privileges at a hospital no more than 30 miles from the abortion facility and limits the use of abortion-inducing drugs to be administered as authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

These provisions protect the safety of a woman during and after an abortion as well as reduce the risk of the pain a baby would feel during an abortion after 20 weeks of gestation.

The senator’s filibuster didn’t work, the law passed, but Senator Davis’ “stand” propelled her into the spotlight of the pro-choice and liberal crowd, and now she is running for governor representing the Democratic Party. I wonder what else the senator “stands” for.

Greg Abbott, Texas’ wheelchair-bound attorney general, said this, “I’m living proof that you don’t need legs to stand for life, you need backbone. I pray that the young people who held their signs high during the rally truly are the “generation (with backbone) that will end abortion.”

Dennis DeWine

Chairman, Central Texas Voices for Life

Harker Heights

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Am I the only one who notices that those that speak the loudest about pro life are also the are the same ones whom are the most anti Children .Like those religious Abbott fans whom are attacking the Girl Scouts and boycott their cookie sales . Those are just female children whom try to do good for the community .
And are being punished just like the Taliban punish girls for the glory of Abbott and GOD. ( Abbott should grow a beard to show what a Taliban he really is )

Then their is the whole GOP whom say they are pro life but when the child is born the GOP want the child to raise and educate him or her self as the Holy GOP don't want to spend money on the education on children as they think the lobbyist whom own them need the tax payers money more than the children of Texas . as the GOP thinks guns and lobbyist are Texas most important assets .

While most of the intelligence folks including those third world citizens of South Texas ( according to Abbott) But they and I think our Children is Texas most valuable assets.

For far too long the Texas government has been enforcing the Bible on we the people and thus ignoring that the US Bill of Rights and Constitution is the law of this nation

So that is child abuse as the Texas GOP does not want the children to be taught science in public schools .That is child abuse as the field of science is where the jobs and big money is .

Lady if you check the want ads in the paper you will find no jobs for gun caring Monks.

The only part of the Bill of Rights the GOP know and enforce is the 2nd amendment
yet the Bill of Rights has more than one part.

Like men and women have EQUAL rights and the Right for them and not the Texas Government to make your personal choice.
So I and my third world friends in South Texas will be Vote for Wendy as we want our children to get educated and prosper and be a blessing to the state of Texas.

I would like to ask you pro life folks why don;t you put your money where your mouth is that is help pay for the Hospital birth of some young women deceived by a GOP cheap dead beat who being a good old boy who hunts with Abbott not to take responsibly for his acton So the women being cursed by the Texas Taliban can only afford a abortion as abortion is cheaper than Hospital birth.

Yes their are real Christians who will come to the aid of women with money and love and help but there is not enough of them I am talking about the Salvation Army the real Christians whom are always in hand to hand combat with the devil . They put their money where their mouth is. and not in Greg Abbots pocket.

And the Salvation Army can testify that Abbott is not pro life as the SS can witness the deaths and pain caused by DWI. drivers.

Abbott as AG is owned by the Lawyers lobby whom are always getting drunk drivers back on the road again so they can endanger us all . as Abbott wants the Drunk lawyers to make a profit on supporting them in putting the drunks back on the road again.


Just who does the GOP think they are... do they really expect the parents to take care of their own children??? Unbelievable!

Dr Strangelove

And what's your answer Smith? Kill the baby; leftwing loons like you crack me up.

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