To the Editor:

I greatly admire the political courage of State Representative Jimmie Don Aycock, who has stated his support for an increase in the state tax on gasoline.

The 20 cents per gallon tax was last raised in 1991. At that time gas was about $1 per gallon, average gas mileage was much less, and the cost for road construction and repairs was many times cheaper.

The state of Texas simply does not have the funds to build and maintain the roads and bridges in this state.

Cities like Killeen, Copperas Cove and Harker Heights are using pass through financing strategies to help fund state highway construction, which burdens our citizens with the costs.

Many of you may have received a letter from Michael Quinn Sullivan with Texans for Fiscal Responsibility which condemned Jimmie Don Aycock for his position.

Although Jimmie Don’s stance may not be popular, it is the right thing to do and I commend him and his colleagues who are more concerned about the future of our state than their popularity in the district.

Dan Corbin

Mayor of Killeen

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May 7, 2013

@ Wayne Carpenter, I too received a flier and I've got a question, 'Why does the gasoline tax have to be increased? As I read the circular, 1991 – Avg cost per gal was $1.30 2012 - $3.50, registered vehicles – 1991 - 14.8 million, 2012 – 22.6 million. With the almost doubling of vehicles on Texas roads and the avg. gas mileage per vehicle, 15 MPG to 22 MPG, you would think that the ratio of avg. MPG to registered vehicles would offset, but I guess that is not the case. You commend both the mayor for his support and also the Representative for taking the stand. Again, @ Eliza, her position on the fuel tax is welcomed. I too, as I've said, received the flier and to note the Representative, 'I am very hesitant to continue increasing debt as a solution – Thus far no solutions have achieved a majority consensus'. What happened? The mayor was overjoyed at your proposed solution, a gas tax, to this dilemma. I am not so keen at this idea. Do you ever stop to consider that everyone is not so well off as you are? Some of us are retired, living on a fixed income. The pittance we received did not even cover our increase in medical insurance, due largely to Obama care. Now with gasoline prices being what they are, and I could go into a complete new tirade on that, but food increases, medical increases, gasoline sky high and climbing etc., now you want to increase the state gasoline sales tax, and you don't mention how much, us poor people, and getting poorer as each tax increase goes into effect. I believe the system is now geared to reducing the middle class to one much lower. Everything seems to be geared to that premise. Of all the 'potential solutions', you have narrowed down to #4, Increase fuel tax. You maintain 'Annual needs for maintaining “Status Quo” between 2013 and 2030 = $10.5 billion/yr. And revenue estimate (same period) = $6.5 billion/yr.'. Is that what you really mean? Are we striving to compete with California? Look at the state of California bottom line. Is that what we're striving for?


In the Sunday 3/24/13 article - Aycock: Rethink highway funding -

Mr Aycock gives 7 examples of where funds may be pulled from,if needed for Texas road /bridge reconstruct.
This list shows a fuel tax IS NOT the only way to go for the funds needed for the projects in discussion.

There is already a hard pressure and undue stress being put on the citizens and tax payers of the state, with the high cost at this time of fuel.
Many can only afford to buy gasoline to get to their jobs (if they have jobs) with no funds left over to buy fuel to drive anywhere just for pleasure.

Let Mr Aycock give more thought to the choices he's brought up himself which shows there are other areas the money could be taken from.
A fuel tax is not the only answer,unless that's what you're precisely wanting to do.


Might this letter/ public show of support for Jimmie's decision for tax be linked to any ambitions the author may have beyond his current position in Killeen's city government? Don, Bubba & Pete all have good points.

Wayne Carpenter

I would like to agree with Mayor Corbin's comments regarding the gasoline tax. I commend Rep Aycock's courage to take up this issue. The gasoline tax hasn't been raised in over two decades and funding is woefully inadequate to improve or even maintain the highways of this growing state. We all want better highways, someone has to pay for them.


Mr. Aycock & Mr. Corbin - you were elected to represent the people. The people are hurting and haven't gotten real wage increases in nearly 30 years. They find ways to do more with less (both parents working) and as their representatives, so should you. I am appalled seeing government buildings/projects made of much finer materials than the average citizen can afford. Also witnessing local, state and federal government employees living in homes and neighborhoods much nicer than those who pay their salaries. The largest and most perverse entitlement program is government spending on itself. Oh by the way, survey your constituents and see what percentage of them have a 25% "rainey day" fund or any rainey day funds at all. You will find your budgets are in much better shape than the vast majority of citizens you were elected to represent.


No. The state and federal governments take in billions in taxes on gasoline with no discernable improvement in our roads. This begs the question: Where is the money?

I await an answer.

Meanwhile, try figuring out just who is running your city motor pool adn how long they have been "good-ole-boying" it down there, using government property for personal use. And why some Killeen city staff are making $97000 a year. Then come ask for more money.


Have you ever known a politician who ever said "I'm getting enough taxes?" People are struggling, gas is sky high since Obama took office and we have greedy politicians who are contemptious of your budged difficulties, refuse to cut their wasteful spending and want even more from you. Aycock desperately needs a primary challenge and Corbin needs to go.

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