To the Editor:

Reading KDH opinions, 28 April, I was perplexed to see the attack on the mayor, who is a minor player in the hearing for a dismissed city employee.

He made the mistake of being open in his perception as to how the hearings were being conducted.

First off, I and others who are honest enough to admit their ignorance of such matters, cannot believe the level of graft, corruption, chicanery and outright thievery that has polluted our city.

We have come to expect such behavior from large cesspools like Detroit, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Newark, Atlanta, or other major metropolises where crooks have take control of city government, but when the foul behavior infests Killeen, you are talking about my money and I want it fixed.

I also want the crooks out, and if appropriate, prosecuted.

Now having said that, the question remains; isn’t that what every honest resident wants? Not according to the vicious and outright slanderous attack on the integrity and motive of the mayor and city manager.

According to one (letter) writer, who I have chosen not to mention by name, this is purely an example of “ethnic cleansing.”

Yes that was the exact term, a term used when one group decides the presence of one ethnic group is not welcome and decides to remove the unwanted group from an institution or geographical area.

I believe I first heard that expression in reference to Nazis removing Jews from all of Europe. That does not seem to fit the current actions, unless the cleansed group is exclusively represented in the criminal, incompetent or corrupt element for which the city and its residents seek remediation and justice.

Fellow residents of Killeen, don’t tolerate crime and incompetence simply because you don’t want to offend the perpetrators.

Don Fender


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Ethnic cleansing may not have been the best word choice for the author of that letter you speak of but then again neither are the words vicious and slanderous. There's nothing perplexing here. He's a public figure in local politics and officials are challenged on their views all the time. It's part of the territory in politics and not limited to heads of state. Killeen's leaders may be minor league players but based on events that've transpired in city politics in recent years, this city is in the big leagues of cesspool players.


For Killeen mayor and his FACEBOOK addiction, I recommend him to consider the lates that says Facebook can lead to psychosis.

Researchers at the University of Tel Aviv say social networking can have seriously deleterious effects on the psyche. Doctor Uri Nitzan of Tel Aviv University's Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Shalvata Mental Health Care Center wondered whether psychopathologies might be related to activities on Facebook and in chat rooms.

Dr. Nitzan was quoted as saying: "In each case, a connection was found between the gradual development and exacerbation of psychotic symptoms, including "delusions, anxiety, confusion", and intensified use of computer communications."

(At the get-go, the patients in the study all had "relative inexperience with technology.") One patient even came to believe that the person she was in contact with online was constantly trying to touch her physically.


I agree. That was a mistake to use "ethnic cleansing" in Killeen Tx. Clearly it is more appropriate in Belton Tx. where capital improvement committees are loaded with wealthy north Belton Caucasians, one south Belton African American an zero Hispanics. In addition to creating new rules for African Americans when they requested a MLK street renaming yet rename streets after white requests and by university of Mary Hardin Baylor with no redtape.The descendants of Jim Crow, nazis, and kkk would still have those mentalities in their blood. It hurts them to move forward in equality. Whiiiite Pie-er!

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