To the Editor:

This letter is in reference to a KDH article: “Lower, Clark tout use of social media in politics” (April 30). The article makes reference to the Killeen mayor’s Facebook posts about District 3 candidates. While the mayor can support any candidate he prefers, his post in reference to Terry Clark having a “history of mistakes” (such as his vote on the drainage amendment) is disappointing.

Drainage issues have an impact on homeowners. It’s difficult to believe that the mayor feels Clark’s motion on drainage was a mistake. Drainage recommendations were made by experts to bring Killeen up to par on standards of surrounding communities. It seems to me that Clark considered those recommendations and his motion on drainage design resulted in setting a higher bar to protect property owners. His actions are exactly what residents should expect of elected officials.

The mayor’s Facebook comments also suggest that Clark should rely on expert analysis in decision making on issues (like the city’s increased need for water capacity). Expert analysis is beneficial, but by no means should it be the only tool that one should rely on in any decision making process.

Killeen should be pleased to have Clark on the council, as he takes time to acquire knowledge about important issues. In my view that is indicative of the fact that he’s open to researching options instead of going along with a pool of limited choices presented.

Nita Reeves


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@Bruno: Both ways? Lol!


Does Killeen's Mayor go both ways? Clark voted on drainage based on recommendations from experts but Mayor thinks it was a mistake. Then Clark did own research on water shortage & Mayor thinks he should have listened to experts?!

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