To The Editor:

Once again the media has shown its true colors. They have taken what is at best a regional issue, the New Jersey bridge fiasco (or to them “Bridgegate”) and turned it into a national “Oh my God, the sky is falling” issue.

If the media had done one-tenth as much investigating of the real national issues, the IRS, NSA snooping, Fast and Furious, Benghazi or Obamacare (“if you like your coverage ...”), maybe we would have answers to many of our questions about these issues.

But instead, because we have a Republican governor and a Democratic mayor of a medium-sized town in the Northeast, we are being bombarded with this wall-to-wall pap of nothing.

Had this been a Democratic governor and a Republican mayor, can anyone tell me, with a straight face, that we would have heard anything about this “crisis”?

Anything the press can do to keep the REAL issues off of the front page they will do and are doing.

Above everything else, where is the transparent government promised to us by this administration, and where is Congress’ and the press’ oversight into this?

Somewhere along the line, these people in Washington, D.C., have forgotten that they work for us. However, I know many of these congressmen and women feel it’s the other way around.

As long as we continue to let the press and people in Washington, D.C., get away with this nonsense, the situation will never change or get better.

In the meantime, can the media please get back to what is really relevant? And by relevant, I don’t mean the traffic problems in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Barnett Carthey


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Couldn't agree more. With the exception of fox news, our lamestream media has degenerated into nothing but propagandists for left wing extremists ABC, CBS, CNN, and especially MSNBC would even embarrass Josef Goebbels. I never watch them because you cannot believe anything they say.


I agree. The media seems to just want to cover what Obama wants and that is not what our freedom is about. They need to investigate what is really important and talk about all of it.

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