To the Editor:

One million dollars for a scoreboard. We don’t really even need the old one.

When you go to the game, take a pencil and slip of paper ,write down six for a touchdown, one for an extra point and three for a field goal beside the team that scored.

When the teams change which end of the field they’re defending, you will know that’s the end of the first quarter.

Now if you’re paying attention, when the band and dancing girls come out, that will be the half.

Then they start again. Just wait; they will swap ends again and that will be the end of the third quarter.

Look at your watch: 15 more minutes of game time, about 30 to 45 real time, and it’s all over.

Now take your pen and add up the numbers.

Your child cannot get a better education from your taxes on a million-dollar scoreboard.

Bill Fornes


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