• April 16, 2014

Naming school after Douse would boost black students’ self-esteem

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Posted: Sunday, November 17, 2013 4:30 am

To the Editor:

Re: Putting Alice Douse’s name on a school in Killeen

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      • wilcfry posted at 7:55 am on Wed, Nov 20, 2013.

        wilcfry Posts: 92

        "It is purported that African-American students lag behind other ethnic groups in test scores"

        It isn't "purported", it's certain. Just Google "SAT scores by race". And it's sad, frustrating, and... getting worse, apparently. But this is the first time I've ever seen it suggested that naming a school after someone would affect test scores, either positively or negatively. Especially someone that most of them have never heard of.

        How about this: Give the school whatever name you want, but agree to change the name every year to honor the most recent high-scorer, or the teacher with the highest average test scores among his/her students *that year*. Look forward, not back.

      • Roody2 posted at 1:16 pm on Tue, Nov 19, 2013.

        Roody2 Posts: 122

        Using the letter writer's logic, the white kids have more self esteem because the school is named after a white person.

        After that insane line of thinking, I feel compelled to point out if Dr. Joe Fowler were black, changing the name would not even be an option on the table.

        To be honest, I really don't know if Dr. Fowler is white, black or otherwise. I am making my assumption he is white based on the comments of others and because his "legacy" doesn't include his race as a factor... which is, as some have pointed out, the way it should be. I just know he was a physician who donated the land where the original school sits.

        The KDH pole shows 3 out of 4 say the name should stay. I can't believe this has turned into such a big issue. No, wait... Yes I can.

        At least now we know how to pack a board room!

      • JIML posted at 11:52 am on Tue, Nov 19, 2013.

        JIML Posts: 27

        If you want to honor Alice Douse by naming a school after her that's great, however to expect this to increase the test scores of any student is beyond stupid. Maybe parents taking an interest in the education of their children would be the best way to raise test scores.

      • mstrgnr75 posted at 11:39 am on Tue, Nov 19, 2013.

        mstrgnr75 Posts: 4

        Wow! Black students need school named after a black principal to help their self esteem? If so, than they have bigger problems that a school name! this letter is so out of touch! Students lag in test scores because they dont study enough.

      • Dr Strangelove posted at 10:24 pm on Mon, Nov 18, 2013.

        Dr Strangelove Posts: 398

        Typo should say: liberals DON'T do things logical.

      • Dr Strangelove posted at 10:21 pm on Mon, Nov 18, 2013.

        Dr Strangelove Posts: 398

        How can someone with a PHD be so illogical in her effort to persuade people to name a school after someone just because of color? She’s probably a liberal and liberals do things logical. They do things that make them feel good—the heck with the results; that’s how.

      • MAJAG89 posted at 1:01 pm on Mon, Nov 18, 2013.

        MAJAG89 Posts: 47

        So now we have to name the new school after Mrs. Rouse not only because she was the first black appointed as a principal in the district but also because it will boost the self esteem of the black students in the district who evidently are lagging behind in academic achievement because they have no school named after a black role model?
        Is there at least one respected study that supports this opinion that student self esteem is increased when attending a school named after a person of the same color as the student and that this perceived increase in self esteem is responsible for improved academic success?
        Show me a student who succeeds academically and more times than not I’ll show you the parents of said student who are involved in their child's school work. Parents remain the best role model and nurturer of a student’s self esteem. The next best role model is usually an educator (regardless of color) that takes an active interest in challenging a student to strive for success.
        How can someone with a PHD be so illogical in her effort to persuade people to name a school after Mrs. Rouse? Dr. Brown, please keep the discussions focused on the merits of the contributions of the potential person or persons being considered for this honor and not the color of their skin.
        I'm sure during her long educational career Mrs. Rouse inspired, nutured and challenged all her students not just the black ones.

      • Dr Strangelove posted at 1:06 pm on Sun, Nov 17, 2013.

        Dr Strangelove Posts: 398

        Yeah that’s the ticket name a school are an African American that’ll make those kids buckle down and get good grades.

        I’ve seen it happen in every major city throughout this great nation. Every city I travel too when I see a sign that’s reads MLK Drive I just know that must be the cleanest, drug, crime free neighborhood in that city. Those neighborhoods use to be the worst hoods then some liberals thought up well let’s change the name to MLK Drive that’ll give those gangsters so much pride they’ll stop their evil ways and clean up the hoods.

        That’s what I love about liberals they know how to solve a problem and makes them feel good too.

      • Bubba posted at 11:26 am on Sun, Nov 17, 2013.

        Bubba Posts: 602

        Perhaps it's time to take race out of every decision in our country, and stop focusing on the "self-esteem" of children.

        The naming of public buildings must be based upon the merit of the honoree's contributions to the community, not the nominee's race, sex, religion, national heritage, or creed. And certainly not because of the "self-esteem" issues of children, some of the most over-privileged and self-centered generations in our history.

      • spt posted at 10:19 am on Sun, Nov 17, 2013.

        spt Posts: 13

        While I agree naming a school after Alice Douse may be a good idea because of her accomplishments, I don't believe elementary students pay much attention to who their school is named after. A middle school or high school might be a better choice if you are hoping the students will realize the value and importance of her career in KISD.

      • Eliza posted at 8:45 am on Sun, Nov 17, 2013.

        Eliza Posts: 541

        @ Is it a fact that African-American students are not capable? Or are there other factors such as economics, low self-esteem, favoritism in the student/teacher relationships that contribute to this assumption? All of these are among the factors being disputed, discussed and considered to fix the problem called the achievement gap.

        If there are all of the problems named above concerning the black student. Naming a school with a former Black Educators name is not going to help the problem. It going to take more then the renaming of a school.

        Black Students are just as capable as any color, but they have to have someone, dad or mother, standing behind them pushing them at times. All kids gets lazy ,the same as adults and will slack off. But if they have someone who is interested enough in them to ask questions, discuss school with them, show an interest.
        That right there can improve Self Esteem .

        We have too many kids having kids (a bad and regular situation in all colors and races), By the time a child is ready for school ,The parent is still a 'kid' themselves, they don't want to be involved in the little ones life, since it takes away from their own life.

        Even though Mrs. Douse may have been a wonderful educator (which it seems she was, considering the positions she held and it would be a noted 1st for KISD).
        Renaming the school for her is not the solution to building up young blacks self esteem.
        That can come impart from older blacks who can influence them, telling them how great it is to be an American, insist on work being gotten for them. Some kind of work to do if its even a few afternoons a week, letting them see their name on a paycheck where they've earned money for their work. Get some kind of program set up where if a kid doesn't have a father in the home, he does have a male influence, very important in a home especially when a male child reaches 14+.

        But most important, put a halt to the ones in the country, who continue to insist, young blacks remember any wrong doing that may have been done to their race in the past. There's a lot out there that make their living by doing just that. They're using the young people to support their own agendas.
        Bring the attention of the young instead, to the blacks from all our past in all fields, who have helped make the country what its become.
        This can instill pride and self esteem, even more so then a name chiseled on a plaque.


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