To the Editor:

Having heard the pundits pontificate why Romney lost, and hearing both sides discuss how the GOP is out of touch with the American people, I wholeheartedly agree with their opinions.

The GOP is out of touch, and does not represent the current population majority.  It’s not because the GOP has changed; its ideals remain those that gave birth to the era of the “greatest generation” of Americans.

The greatness of America was measured by objective standards such as opportunity, individual freedoms and even the right to fail.

The GOP does not represent the ideals generated by demographic shifts caused by governmental dependence, lack of personal responsibility, laziness, abandonment of the nuclear family concept, and changing of churches to political orientation institutions.

Romney, with the possible exception of Jimmy Carter, is the most decent man to seek the job as president ... I didn’t say competent; I mean a person who is driven by a moral obligation to his own conscience to do the right thing by his fellow human beings.

Romney’s message was right on target for a pre-1964 American who genuinely wanted jobs, embraced individual responsibility, believed in the institution of marriage, and was not ashamed of the power and influence of America.

I realized his campaign was in trouble when he spoke of these things, instead of promising what the electorate wants, regardless of our ability as a country to deliver. He had no chance to be elected without promising more than the other guy, even if he knew full well we could not pay. 

This is not about race, nor is it about party affiliation; it is about culture. 

The culture we embraced as a homogeneous society — that which is largely reflected in the belief system of elderly, white Christians — is not today’s America.  

Don Fender


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I have been working since I was 16 and finally retired when I was 69. I don't think we are talking about people that have worked all their lives or spent their time in the military. We are talking about people that just get by. Like someone whose husband died when he was 21 and she got all the benefits from his death, she had two children, but what was wrong was when she started living with someone had his baby, bought a house, then when her 2 kids that were drawing from the father who died became ineligble she married the man she had been living with. All those years she drew social security, food stamps and free medical care. She used the system and it was never checked. Have you heard of EIC, I know of 4 people that only work so many hours so they get 5,6,7 or 8 thousand dollars back at income tax time. They never paid any in. So we need to do better and make sure the people that deserve it and have worked hard for it get the benefits, and the people hat know how to use the system get out and get a job.


I agree with you,There are many people as you described, especially on the 'unearned' income.If others can't see the unfairness of it , maybe Its because they don't want to, or they have their eyes closed..


Its highly inaccurate to state half of the country doesn't work and wants a hand out. Not inaccurate...false. Since people are so against govt "handouts" I hope you don't cash any of your social security checks when you get to be retirement age, don't use that Medicare either. What would the alternative be....just let thousands go hungry be homeless ??? People are always complaining about people who get assistance...operating off the stereotype that they don't work at all and are just dying to get that check. The fact remains that there are thousands of people that work that receive assistance...they simply don't make a living wage. I think more people should put themselves in the shoes of someone else. That person your complaining about helping could be you or yours one day...but for the grace of god ....


I think when any have the gall to say retired military receive government assistance when they receive a retirement check,need to remember,those people spent many years earning that check. Its not assistance but earned. They might have been shot,lost limbs, nearly lost their mind at times from seeing comrades shot up or listening to them yell out in pain, We also now have more of the women of the country who have become part of this same picture.-
During all this time these people have paid into the system that took care of others who were never going to amount to anything.

If people can admit to the truth,they will agree that there are probably some of the 47% who are in this catagory.Not all,
there are times people can be having a hard time due to no work such as will be happening in the near future, much worse then it has been these last months.But to say because some one has done 20 -30 years at a job such as military service, they should be punished by not being able to accept another job after they've finished the 1st? What kind of person is that,not one I have anything in common with.

Dr Strangelove

Mamma Griz it’s not about people like you who have worked hard all their lives and have paid into the system. As a Catholic I believe in a safety net to help people. The people that get my goat are. I have entire family of white trash cousins in Michigan been on SSI since their forties. They have never paid into the system, never worked. All they’ve done all their lives is abuse and sell drugs, in and out of jail I’m talking Jackson Prison. Today they all have FREE apartments, cell phones, SSI checks, medical, dental and the State of Michigan in its wisdom gave them a medical pot card because they get bummed out when they run out of pot!

People like these are one of the reasons SS is broke—these are the 47% that most, should be all Americans are fed up with. One good thing is most of my cousins are felons so they can’t vote.


We aren't talking about the people that have worked all their lives and retire, it is about the young people that are not working and getting all the benefits. I think the people that have worked all their lives deserve their benefits. The democrats want everyone to think it is the old people sucking the life out of the government, but they aren't. There are a lot of people that have kids who live off the government. The benefits they get are a lot more than an old person who has worked all the their lives. They kid food stamps, gas money, day care, and money too. Why work when you get all that?

Mamma Griz

Reading these letters I have decided that it is a durn shame that people live longer and get old and disabled. After all, they are not able to work and have to depend on government assistance to live. Maybe everyone who gets old and can't work should just lay down and die-- then these holier-than-thou people would have nothing about which to complain.

Yes, I am one of the 47% that depends on the government-- so do a lot of others. Military retirement money is government assistance-- let's just eliminate that for the younger guys that can still work.

When I was younger, I was working a Civil Service job. One of the men said that I was double-dipping-- my husband was active duty military. Ha-- he had room to talk-- he was retired military and working a Civil Service job, so he was getting government money from two places. Who was the double-dipper? He had the nerve to tell me that I shouldn't be working the job I was and let some young female work. He really got my goat with that commenht-- and I told him how I felt about his double-dipping.

Oh well, I will be cashing in my chips one of these days and then these holier-than-thou persons can feel better. Just hope that they don't get old and disabled and have to depend on the federal government to help them out.


Yes, the culture has changed, not for the better in my opinion. When half the people
do not have to work and live off those that do work, then it was a selection for the person who would give them many things for free. Gov. Romney was correct in getting
America working again...but that will never sell to those who would rather have a hand-out than a will not take long before this type of voter consumes "the goose that
laid the golden egg", then we will look like countries like Greece. Its a good thing that we did not riots in the street, but I suspect there would have been had Gov. Romney won.


liberals are ruing this country.


Excellent analysis of the Nation. Mr Fender and Mr Santiago have both put into words what I have been thinking about the election results but lacked the eloquence. Those dependent upon the government chose to keep the status quo. Sadly, those of us who work are outnumbered by those who are dependent upon the government.

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