To the Editor:

Congratulations to the news media for helping the Democrats defeat the terrorist hostage takers of the tea party and open the way for us to turn our health care over to the IRS.

With the threat of the debt ceiling removed, now we can continue increasing our national debt right up until the economy collapses.

As we rebuild civilization following the anarchy and civil unrest caused by the absence of government for the last two weeks, it’s vital for us to humiliate those who didn’t fall into line.

Sen. Ted Cruz and his allies must be taught that the American people will not tolerate politicians who keep their promises or stand on principle.

Very little good came out of this fight, but at least we have established — once and for all — that the memorials and public sites in Washington, D.C., and around the country don’t belong the people, but to the government.

I’m sure our gracious rulers will soon allow us to visit their sites again, but before they do, we should remember that it will soon be necessary to start building a monument to Barack Obama.

To save time I propose we simply saw off Abe Lincoln’s head and replace it with a likeness of our new great leader.

Michael D. Homiller


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I don't know whether to smile at the sarcasm or be frightful because it's true!!!

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