To the Editor:

I am now fully taking care of both of my parents as they grow older and in doing so, I have noticed a few things that have be a bit concerning for this area.

My father is in an electric wheelchair and my mom now has to be in a push one, and I have noticed in the surrounding areas that some stores don’t provide wheelchairs.

Wal-Mart, H-E-B, Lowes and Home Depot all do, but stores like Kohl’s only have one and Marshall’s does not at all. When I called the home office of Marshall’s, they told me they do not provide wheelchairs. Now, in this area that is pro-military and has a lot of veterans and others who are limited, one would think ALL stores would have some service for people to use.

Wendy Schaefer


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Excellent thought Wendy. So why don't you start buying wheelchairs and donating them to businesses? Or all of your ideas dependent on someone else's checkbook.


that was a rather rude comment don76559. I know that Walgreen's also provides one wheelchair, as I use it with my mother, instead of having to lift hers out of our car. It would be very nice if all establishments did the same or if medicare would pay for a nice lift for her electric chair. I know the world is not perfect, we deal with it the best we can. Some establishments may not even have thought of it.


Nothing rude about it. You are just another liberal who thinks everyone else has to pay for your misfortune.

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