To the Editor:

Mr. DiSimoni wrote about the lack of accountability of our educators in the public school system (Letters, April 8).

Doesn’t he realize they are highly skilled educators ( that is pronounced edge-uh-kay-turs). They teach kids to correctly pronounce the names of the months (Jan-u-wary, Feb-u-wary, etc.), universities (Nor-tur Dame), etc.

The results are to be heard on television and radio.

What I can’t understand is why do our large corporations continually hire engineers, mathematicians and scientists from countries that do not have a good school system like we do?

They don’t even know the correct pro-nun-see-a-shun of our words.

Edward D. Mitchell


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The US doesn't rank 14th in literacy for nothing.


These so called educators who routine practice educational malpractice in our government school monopoly, screamed like stuck pigs over the A to F rating system imposed on the schools. How dare we expect competence from our pseudo educators. Ironically, these same so called educators impose an A to F grading system on their students. Hypocrisy anyone?

Heights Teacher

Mr. Mitchell's sarcasm (pronounced "SAR-KAZ-UM") is palpable (pronounced "PAL-PUH-BULL.")

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